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7 Top Kitchen Tricks to cook like a chef!

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If you love to cook, or rather, even have to cook because that’s your bit of chore in the house, then these kitchen tricks will make your kitchen life much easier. Whether you love cooking in general or not, sometimes we all feel the chef in us calling out to prepare something extraordinary, something a little more delicious than usual. And that feeling is on the tip when we are expecting guests at home. During such moments, you can chef things up, and become the pro cook, which is just how people will remember you after tasting your delicacies. Take a note!

1. Dip the knife in cold water when cutting a hard-boiled egg into two. It ensures a clearer cut and the yolk doesn’t fall apart.

How to Sous Vide Eggs | MyRecipes
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2. If you want your family to start having Aubergines/ Brinjals, get red of the bitterness. Chop them into pieces, rub some salt, and then wash them with cold water.

Is It Important to Salt Eggplant Before Cooking It?
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3. Adding a few drops of lemon will replace the use of salt in cooking your meals. Eventually, it benefits your health and keeps your blood pressure regulated.

How to Cut Lemon Flavor from Any Dish - The Fork Bite
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4. If you love the taste of garlic but don’t like adding much of it to your food, then rub some cloves of garlic on your plate before serving it on the plate.

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5. Boil almonds in hot water and then immediately rinse them under cold water. It’s the easiest trick to peel almond skin.

How to Blanch Almonds - The Easy Way to Skin Almonds
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6. Soups could taste much better by adding some drops of cabbage, carrot, or tomato juice to it just before you take it off the stove.

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7. You might have never considered using ground coffee and salt together, but combining just a pinch of salt to ground coffee makes it taste a lot better.

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