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5 Smallest Countries in the World

Our planet is full of surprises and beautiful places waiting to be explored. With so many countries in the world, big and small, each is wonderful in its way. But how many of you are aware that there are countries that are only a square kilometer in the area and yet have an entire-fledged government, culture, and traditions.

Let’s check out some of the smallest countries in the world:

1.  Vatican City (0.44 sq km)

Vatican City, the Smallest Country by Land and Population
Courtesy: 7continentslist

The Vatican City is the smallest nation in the world! Spreading across 110 acres, the country’s population is around 1000 only. But the government is noted as the most sacred city for Christians from across the globe. The place is connected with the world’s greatest artists, including Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.


2. Monaco (2 sq km)

Monaco - Wikipedia
Courtesy: Wikipedia

Someone rightly said, “Good things come in small packages.” Monaco, the second-smallest nation in the world, covers only 499 acres. But the tiny nation is gorgeous beyond words. You’ll be stunned by the beauty of the government. But the country is globally renowned for the Monte Carlo Casino and Grand Prix motor racing event.


3. Nauru (21 sq km)

Discover Nauru, The Country With No Capital | Vietnam Times
Courtesy: Vietnam Times

The incredibly stunning Nauru, formerly Pleasant Island, is number three on the list. The peaceful country stays off the radar of most tourists but deserves all attention. Located east of Australia, the country’s current population is around 13000 people.


4. Tuvalu (25.9 sq km)

Considering social impacts of investments in Tuvalu: is it a runway or a  recreational area?
Courtesy: World Bank Blogs

This stunning country in Oceania, Tuvalu, is the fourth-smallest nation in the world in Polynesia. Formerly known as the Ellis Islands, the island’s population is around 11000 people. Given its distant location, the country remains off the tourist list but is a popular offbeat destination.


5. San Marino (61.2 sq km)

San Marino country profile - BBC News
Courtesy: BBC

San Marino is number five on the list covering 61.2 sq km. The population is around 33000 people. San Marino’s economy depends upon finance, industry, and tourism. The prime attractions are its cliff-top castles that look magical.