7 Things You Should Keep a Secret In a Relationship

Life is hard, and relationships are becoming harder. In this scenario, sometimes, when we face difficulty in our relationships, we end up talking about our relationship to outsiders. This habit is a big-time NO NO! A relationship is built over trust, and to uphold the same level of trust, one has to be respectful of the things that happen between two partners. It would be so upsetting if we learned our partner has shared private matters or relationship secrets with a third person, wouldn’t it?

What are the things that should be relationship secrets?

1. Fights- Of course, they are annoying. And you want somebody to share your feelings with, besides your partner. But don’t do that. Most times, it leads to more misunderstandings since a third person wouldn’t understand your relationship the way you do.

2. Bedroom Secrets- You don’t need suggestions. There’s plenty of it available online and from professionals in worst-case scenarios. The bedroom is your private space, respect it.

3. Fears and Inhibitions- When your partner shares their inhibitions or fears, or if there’s been a moment between you two when something like this happened, keep it between you two. Making fun of your partner’s fears before others is very disrespectful. Even if you do, ensure your partner is okay with it or that it’s not too grave a situation to share.

4. Financial Plans- It is your plan, your income, your partner’s income, why would you want others to know? There’s this unsaid and unsolicited advice that will follow when you share your plans and issues with an outsider. Respect the boundaries of a relationship.

5. Past Life- What your partner did before meeting you and vice versa is for no one else to know. These are bonding conversations between two people in a relationship, and sharing them with a third person kills the charm of a healthy relationship. Avoid.

6. Emotions & Secrets- When we start trusting someone, we share the most intimate details of our lives. They’re meant to stay in the moment and be supportive of your partner for life. Revealing the same to someone outside the relationship is not a healthy relationship habit.

7. Shortcomings- Nobody is perfect. You are good at some things and your partner in some others. Making fun of your partner’s shortcomings before other people is like crossing a relationship boundary.

Being mindful of these above-mentioned points will lead to greater understanding between you and your partner. It would be a relationship without any external interference, where the faults are yours, learnings are yours, and joy is yours. There’s no one else to blame or give credit to! Isn’t that just what you want to remember when you look back at your relationship memories?