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7 Most Popular Web Series On Youtube To Binge-Watch Right Away

We are living in the 21st century where great content is everywhere. If you prefer Netflix, Prime, or Hulu to watch brilliant content, then you are really missing out on some of the most popular web series on Youtube. And they are so good that you may want to ditch Netflix for it. Web series are an amazing form of entertainment who likes to follow the concept of not watching the same TV show three times in a row. The fact they are short, crisp, hilarious and hard-hitting at the same time has gained them a huge number of views and fans on the internet.

Most Popular Web Series To Bing-Watch

Do you enjoy watching a short web series? If yes, here are some of the most amazing options you have got to start binge-watching right away.

#1 Sideswiped

Created by and starring Carly Craig, Sideswiped is a story of a workaholic woman who dates all 252 her matches on Tinder. Wow! It’s gonna be fun watching her dating all 252 of men since dating on Tinder is not easy. You even have cameos of ht actors like Jason Sudeikis. So, that’s a bonus! While episodes one and two are free to stream, you can watch rest on Youtube Premium. It is one of the most popular web series on Youtube.

#2 Subway: The Series

It is an award-winning comedy web series that is based in the subway of New York. Mary Frick, who had just lost her job as an IT Tech for a financial service company, meets aspiring artists David on the subway. Together they find interesting personalities on the train every day. It is definitely fun to watch and a good web series on Youtube.

#3 Pitchers

Another one of the most popular web series in India on Youtube, TVF Pitchers is about. It came at the right time when everyone around you is building a start-up. The struggling journey of four friends who quit their day jobs to start something of their own is hilarious and flawless. The anecdotes from the show gathered a cult following. By the time you finish it, you would want more of it. Thank god, season 2 is already in the pipelines.

#4 Sorry For Your Loss

Sorry For Your Loss is a debut made by Facebook Watch (yeah, even social media sites are creating web series these days because the competition is too hard) starring multiple amazing actors. It is an effort to promote the medium and reach a variety of audiences. The drama series revolves around the struggles of Leigh (played by Elizabeth Olsen) who suddenly becomes a young widow. The series came out in 2018 and you can watch it on Facebook.

#5 Her Story

Nominated in 2016 for Primetime Emmy Award for Drama Series, Her Story is a depiction of two transgender women exploring love and dating in Los Angeles. It is written by and stars Jen Richards, who was also a supporting cast on Caitlyn Jenner’s reality show ‘I am Cait’ and Angelica Ross. It is one of those good web series on Youtube you have got to watch.

#6 Permanent Roommates


Permanent Roommates is a hilarious situational comedy series about a couple living in together in Mumbai and the ups and downs they go through together. It is one of the most popular web series on Youtube watched by millions of viewers across the globe. It is as flawless as it is fearless. The series has two seasons. Here’s something for you to binge watch.

#7 Bumble F*ck


Bumble Fuck The Series – Episode 2.0: Prequel from Bumble Fuck on Vimeo.

A short comedy web series raw and unapologetic account of a 28-year-old woman from Upper East Side called Pippy and her roller coaster ride on online dating app post her break up. The amazing thing about this web series is that it is a micro series. Episode 1 is just 90 seconds long with an almost-engagement and break-up happening in that span. It will get you hooked on right away.



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