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6 Easy Exercises For People Going Over 60

Going over 60 and but want to remain young ? Exercising is the key. The sooner in life you begin, the healthier and longer your life gets. As they say, better late than never, you can still stay healthy and active even in your advanced years. Old age should not be an excuse for you to become lazy and inactive.

Anyway, exercising is fun. Besides, it is something you can enjoy doing with your friend circle. It is a great way to stay healthy and socialize. If you fret exercising and fear you may hurt yourself, then you are wrongly scared. These simple exercises are easy for your body and ensure flexibility and endurance.

Best Exercises For Older Adults

#1 Aerobics


Be it adults, kids, or senior citizens, aerobics is a healthy exercise for all age groups. It burns off calories, keeps the blood pressure normal, and maintain flexibility in the body. Senior adults should do 30 minutes of aerobic activity daily. They can slowly build up their endurance depending upon their fitness and stamina. It is the best workout for people over 60.

#2 Swimming


Instead of sitting in front of the TV and watching news channels all day, why not go out for a swim? You can even ask your friends to join you. It can be one of those group activities senior citizens do together. Swimming is the best exercise for older adults as it keeps their body in shape without putting undue stress on their bodies and joints. Plus, it also helps them relax and calm their minds.

#3 Walking or Jogging

Assistant helping an elderly person walk

One of the easiest and best exercises for adults. You can even join a walking group in your society and go for daily morning or evening walks.  It maintains physical and social well being without being difficult on the body. It is undoubtedly a great aerobic cardio exercise for old adults. If your body allows, you can increase the pace of your walk or even start jogging.

#4 Raise a leg

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Who says working out is difficult for senior citizens ? Doing simple exercises like raising a leg can ensure good physical health. One of the best exercises for older adults as it strengthens the hips, thighs, and lower back muscles which are very important in this age. Stand behind a chair and hold better for support. Then, lift your left leg onto the side with your heel aligned to your hip, hold for a moment, and then slowly lower the leg. Do 10 reps with each leg and maintain a straight back while you do this exercise.

#5 Stretching


Stretching is important to maintain blood circulation and flexibility of your muscles. It is both a warm-up and cool down exercise done pre and post workout. Stand with your feet wide apart, get your arms behind, grasp your hands and Pull your shoulders back. Stand in this position for 30 seconds, Release and repeat.

For stretching your quadriceps, grab a chair with your right hand for support. Bend your left leg backward and try to hold your foot with your left hand. Stay in this position for 30 seconds, release, and then repeat it with the right leg.

#6 Toe and Chair Stand


This exercise focuses on building balance and building your muscle is one of the best exercise for older adults, and easy too. Start this exercise with being seated in an armless chair. Spread out your arms perpendicular to the chair and slowly rise without using your hands. Sit down and repeat this for 10-15 times. Another exercise is where you stand behind the chair to use it for support and slowly raise up on your toes. Maintain this position for a moment before you slowly get back to the ground.


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