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7 Kickass Tips For Buying Clothes Online

Online shopping- blissful for some, stressful for many. You’ll have to agree that online shopping entails long screen hours and precision on what would “possibly” look good on you. Plus, it’s also tricky with the luring that comes with the perfectly-sized models, showing off clothes that wouldn’t probably be the best fit for people with different heights and body types. How many times does it happen that we order clothes online, only to return or exchange them, citing fit/size issues? 

But shopping fanatics and people who work with online sales know the code to order clothes in the best size. To make it clear, they know the red flags and what to look out for when buying clothes online. Take a look at these tips before your next spree. 

1. The Background Matters:- If the background before which the model is standing is too beautiful, there’s something fishy because there are low-quality clothes to hide. The outfit looks prettier before an attractive backdrop, thus encouraging people to buy it. 

2. Unnatural poses are a red alert- If the outfit is available to buy, why wouldn’t the seller want its customers to get a good look at it? And unnatural poses come in the way of it. The actual view remains hidden to our shopping eye, and we end up disappointed.

3. A pose that covers outfit details is also a no-no- So, what are they trying to hide and why? Wouldn’t you think that way? If the model stands covering the neckline, hem, or waist, it’s not exactly as it looks. Scroll for review images or more before you hit buy. 

4. Avoid buying outfits with cropped photos- Imagine you’re buying a jumpsuit, and the picture is cropped? That would be so weird, right? If you’re unable to get a good long look at the outfit, then it’s not worth considering. 

5. Accessory Check- The pictures clicked for online selling come with a strategy. Before buying, check if you’ve been tricked too. Are the shoes the model is wearing too bright that’s making the outfit look better? A piece of jewelry? Anything else? Ensure you check this before you buy. 

6. Side pose, please no!– We usually find a carousel of images with each outfit, giving us a full look at the outfit. Although, sometimes, you’ll find pictures with models posing sideways, and there’s no other image available with it. What’s that about? Not worth your money, keep scrolling! 

7. No model, no buy- Online shopping requires effort. Why shouldn’t online selling invest the same effort? Images of outfits without a model aren’t a convincing buy. The ones that include a model posing in them give us a better look at the actual outfit than the one on a hanger. 

Here’s to making online shopping for clothes easier!