6 Gifting Tips If You Miserably Suck At Picking Presents

Everybody likes to receive gifts, but not everyone is good at giving them. Gifting is an art that only a few people have the right to brag because some people are just lousy. Alright, you are no Santa Claus, but you can put a little effort into picking a gift for someone. It takes more than money to buy a gift that they will like and won’t get you sad or fake happy reactions from them.

If you suck at choosing gifts for people, then you should bookmark this gifting guide because the holiday season is just around the corner and you are going to be in a lot of pickles if you don’t choose gifts wisely for your friends and family.

1. Listen to them

Sometimes, we don’t have to figure out what gift we should pick for our loved ones are because they drop hints. All we have to do is be mindful during the conversation. If you don’t just hear to people and actually listen to what they say, then you can recall what your wife or sister asked you for Christmas.

2. Surprise them

Who does not like surprises except Sheldon Cooper? A carefully-planned surprise goes a long way than a gift. If you are not good at planning, you could take your friends’ help or commission a party planner. However, by doing so you might raise their expectations from you for the next year. Lol

3. Be thoughtful

Price tags don’t make gifts special. The thought behind choosing that gift matters more. Sometimes, you may spend hundreds of dollars on a gift but there are chances that the person may still not like it because it didn’t touch their heart. Make them feel special by gifting them something close to their hearts like the first copy of their favorite book or something vintage. That will guarantee you a special place in their hearts.

4. Play it safe

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If you don’t know the person well, steer clear of gifts that involve personal tastes and preferences like fragrance, clothing, bathing products, and items with specific messages. It may backfire if your choice is not up to their taste or liking.

5. Mind over matter

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It doesn’t have to necessarily be a showpiece or household items. You also have the option of gifting them tickets to their favorite play, movie, or game. You could also plan a relaxing spa or reservations at a fine-dining restaurant. Nobody would ever say no to a free meal.

6. Make it presentable

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It is not just about what you are gifting, it’s also about how you present it. Make sure you wrap it well and put it in a nice gifting bag to make it aesthetically pleasing. Unlike books, packaging matters. You will win hearts with good packaging even before they open their gifts. Tease them a little by making the packaging a bit complicated so they are excited to see what’s inside. 


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