5 Worst Foods For Your Skin

You could have a detailed skincare routine with all the best and most popular products, but your skin will not be at its best unless you make a few healthy choices. Skincare is about more than just what you put on your face; it’s about what you put in your body. A few studies and experts believe that certain foods are associated with good skin.

Look at the list below to see which foods you should avoid and which you should include in your diet. But keep in mind that eating a healthy, balanced diet is always the best way to improve your skin and overall (and mental!) health. If you’re thinking about changing your diet to improve your skin, consult with your doctor first.

What to Avoid?

1. Candy

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Sugary foods (such as candy and other sweets) may contribute to skin aging. The American School of Dermatology states, “Sugar reduction may protect elastin and collagen particles in the skin. A high-sugar diet has been shown in studies to damage these molecules, resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin.”


2. White Bread

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White bread, white rice, and potatoes seem to be high on the glycemic index, which may cause problems with your skin, particularly acne. According to the Cleveland Clinic, some research suggests that all these foods can cause breakouts due to insulin level spikes. Furthermore, “an insulin spike inevitably leads to an insulin crash—leaving your skin and the rest of oneself looking and feeling drained,” according to the Clinic.


3. Milk

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Some studies have discovered a link between milk and acne, but more research is needed to confirm this fully. According to some experts, the hormones in milk lead to inflammation, which clogs your pores.


4. Burgers

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According to the Cleveland Clinic, saturated fats such as fatty beef, cheese, and butter can cause acne. It is due to the foods’ high insulin levels – like growth factor, which, according to the Clinic, “leads to the production of the hormone levels that increase acne manufacturing.”


5. Chips

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Salty foods can dehydrate you, having caused your skin to dry out, leading to issues such as tired, dull eyes, and dark under-eye circles.