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5 Ways Climate Change Will Affect You & Your Health

If you think climate change is not real, then you have been living in denial. It is very much real and its repercussions have already begun to show. You cannot deny the disturbing facts about climate change. It is happening, and it’s happening at a rapid scale. Rising temperatures and sea levels are all results of global warming and it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Climate change is not just taking a toll on our environment but also ourselves and our generations to come. Any changes in the environment lead to changes in plants physiology or disruption in crop production which ultimately affects human health. In simple terms, humanity is at stake.

How Does Climate Change Affect Human Health?

Have you ever wondered how climate change will affect our health? If not, these hard facts will make you worried sick.

Increased Rate Of Mortality

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Extreme weather events like drought, tsunami, hurricane, and heat waves are results of climate change. Many people have been killed or displaced during these events which have increased the death toll in the past few years. Over 28,000 people were killed in Tsunami. If this keeps on going, the numbers are only going to increase.


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The burning of fossil fuels causes carbon emissions in the atmosphere that contribute to greenhouse effect and air pollution. This gives birth to respiratory diseases like asthma. According to WHO, about 7 million people are killed by air pollution every year. Climate change is also increasing the risk of heat strokes.


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How will climate change affect human health, you ask? Changes in weather are messing up with the cycle of crop production. As a result, farmers are getting poor or no yield. If this continues, scarcity of food will result in hunger. Famine could be a huge global crisis, thanks to climate change. If this does not scare, then what will?

Mental Health

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Displacement caused by natural calamities has put people who lost their loved ones under depression. On top of it, these events dismantled their whole life putting them under post-traumatic stress and anxiety. Think of such events happening in the future. More suffering only means poor mental health of the human population.


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Increased CO2 emissions are speeding up the process of photosynthesis which causes plants to produce more sugar and less calcium, zinc, and other vitamins. Since we are part of the food chain, we are missing out on these vital nutrients causing deficiencies of various kinds in our bodies. These deficiencies can lead to harmful diseases as a result of changes in plant physiology.

These facts are a huge wake-up call for us. Think of the bleak future we are creating for our generations to come. Environmentalists are fighting to save the environment and ultimately humanity worldwide. We need to save the environment for the sake of our health, if not for anything else.

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