5 Unique Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Start Following With Your Family

Thanksgiving is all about showing gratitude to your loved ones and having a wholesome dinner, of course with a Turkey. But what if we tell you to start following a new tradition with your family and friends to make your thanksgiving funfilled and memorable, then this article might help you!

Here are 5 traditions you may start following from now on:

1) Have Pie for Breakfast

It’s a holiday which means it’s a cheat day- treat yourself. Start the day off on a sweet note by serving your traditional Thanksgiving pies for breakfast with coffee instead of after the big meal.

2) Ask the Kids to Set the Table

Get the littlest guests involved in the preparations by having them set the table for dinner while the adults put the finishing touches on the food. Giving them a task would be really beneficial for them – They’ll be proud that they could contribute to the festivities, they would learn the importance of pitching in & helping each other, and most importantly they stay away from hot ovens.

3) Celebrate Everyone’s Birthdays

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. Families and friend groups that only see each other once a year can take benefit of this opportunity. You can celebrate everyone’s birthdays on this day. That way, everyone gets to celebrate their special day with those they love, even if they can’t travel all gather together on the actual date.

4) Break the Wishbone – With a Twist!

When you first carve the turkey, set aside the wishbone to dry while everyone eats. After you finish the dishes, draw names to decide who gets to break it. Make a wish — legend has it the winner will see theirs come true in the upcoming year. For a fun twist, let the winner get dessert first!

5) Plan a Thanksgiving Prayer

After you go around and say what you’re thankful for and right before you dig in, have someone in your family say a prayer that also acknowledges how grateful you are this year.