5 Reasons Why You Are Such A Movie Buff

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How many times have a movie struck a chord in your heart? How many times have a movie made you laugh, cry, or fill with raging emotions? How many friends have you made because you guys liked the same movie? 

Why do we even like watching movies? 

Some people might say that it is a waste of time but we cinephiles do not agree. Anyone who says they don’t watch movies are dead from inside because there cannot be nothing more dramatic that can evoke thousand emotions in you all at the same time. Your favorite actor or actress is not always why you choose a movie to watch. You choose a movie because you connect with the story, the characters, and their situation. The reason why we love watching movies is deeper than that. Here are one too many:

1. Life Lessons

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Any movie buff would agree that movies had taught them more life lessons than education. Movies take you places. It introduces you to new countries, cultures, and people. Whoever says that movies are a big waste of time have never watched a movie properly. You end up having more knowledge about things than you had before watching the movie. The lessons taught in movies are not educational sorts. Movies give you food for thought, something to ponder on for hours and days after you have watched a movie.

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2. Catharsis

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The reason why we love watching movies is because they make us feel things. Just like art, movies calm the chaotic minds and create the chaos in the calm minds. It is through the protagonist in the movie we embark on an emotional journey. Someone who is having a hard day or life in general treats movies as a world to escape to where everything is fine. Movies make people forget all the worries in their real life for a while and even offer them fresh perspective to their problems.

3. Shared Experience

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Movies make people bond. Have you never swiped a guy or girl right on Tinder because they like the same movies as you? Movies are the ultimate conversation starters and an intense topic for debate and discussion. Couples in relationship enjoy having a movie night where they watch their favorite movies together. Aren’t you thankful to all those people who have introduced you to good cinema? Well, you should and treasure their friendship while it lasts.

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4. Favorite Past Time

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What do you like to do in your past time? Most would agree that they like to watch a movie. Action, comedy, drama, romance, there are genres for all your moods. It is a weekend and if you have not planned to go to the movies with your friends, are you even making memories? You must have a collection of movies on your laptop or hooked onto Netflix or Prime right now watching a movie from your favorites. 

5. An Art Form

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Making movies, much like photography and paintings, is an art form. There is so much that goes into making a movie. From story and dialogue writing to direction and editing, everything play a vital role in making the brilliant mastermind we see on the screen. Only people with meticulous observation and artistic minds appreciate the art that goes into the movies.


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