5 Most Popular Wedding Flower of 2021

What would a wedding be without fresh and beautiful flowers? 

Incomplete, right!

Wedding flowers are one of the most stand-out elements to your special day, it provides elegance and fragrance it is a wholesome accessory.

So if your wedding is scheduled for next year then here are some variations of flowers to choose from.

1) Ranunculus

Ideal Wedding Season- for the spring, summer, or fall wedding.

Budget – Budget-friendly 

Type & color – Cheerful, available in various colors and sizes. 

2) Rose

You can never go wrong with the classic red rose for your wedding, a symbol of love and purity. There are over a hundred different types of roses, with varying colors and sizes, available round the year, best suited for any bride in all wedding seasons or themes.

3) Gardenia

Originated in Southern Asia and Japan, gardenias are elegant and graceful. These flowers are perfect for the Southern charm theme or summer weddings. 

4) Baby’s Breath

A symbol of pureness and innocence, baby’s breath is an inexpensive option to include in your floral arrangements and decor. 

5) Orchid

This timeless and exotic flower can add an air of mystery to your wedding. They symbolize beauty and refinement. Orchid works well for tropical or beachy weddings.