12 Times When Things Went Hilariously Wrong

Which is the one place on Earth that’s most unpredictable? Social media! You think of something, post something slightly different, and the response is far from what you think. Of course, this isn’t always the case. But sometimes, things go uncontrollably and hilariously wrong- be it the image, the post, or the comment you receive! While the interaction it garners is pretty entertaining to read, it also forces us to think about the post’s why’s, how’s and who’s! Like one of these people shared the picture of a half-cut pomegranate and called it a “bloody heartbreak.” On the other hand, (this one is cool), one of these users clicked a panorama picture at a concert, and the change in lights attracted an amazing comment. Scroll now!

1. When pilots are not welcome

Courtesy: Imgur

2. Understanding sign language

Courtesy: Reddit

3. Just a heartbreak

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4. Isn’t that a perfect snowflake?

Courtesy: Pinterest

5. Just Ariana things

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6. A music hack

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7. A Photoshop pro

Courtesy: cringechannel

8. Socks for hands

Courtesy: Twitter

9. Call us, we are here to serve you

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10. Be on time, or look pretty!

11. They died to become an icon of saving.

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12. An unexpected reaction

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