150 Flying Mattresses Caught On Video

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A rare sight was witnessed by the people hanging out by a pool in Denver, Colorado when suddenly hundreds of mattresses came flying and landed in the pool.

This curious case of flying mattresses was captured on camera by Robb Manes who uploaded the video to YouTube where it has already gotten nearly 266,000 views.

Robb was sitting with his friends by the pool at Runway 35 Park in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver when he saw it, so he grabbed his camera and filmed the whole thing.


In the video, you can see the mattresses flying and bouncing through the air, hopping over fences as some people run to grab them while some duck for cover. In the background, dark and ominous clouds seem to be brewing up the storm that caused this unique mattress marathon.

YouTube user WillThePotato had something to add:

The first International Mattress Olympics circa 2019.(Colorized).

It was found that, apparently, 150 mattresses were set up for a “Movie Night Under the Stars” but as fate would have it, the poor rectangles ended up getting hurled with the wind and dunked in a pool.

We may or may not see the whole “when pigs fly” thing happening in this life, but we could settle for this race of flying mattresses, and we think it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Amidst all the laughs, there was a warning posted by National Weather Service’s Boulder Office on Twitter that isolated thunderstorms will continue, with gusty winds up to 50 mph. So, fellas, brace yourselves for the storm, hold your horses and tie your mattresses to a post, will ya?


WillThePotato further says:



“I was born too late to explore the Earth and too early to go to space, however I was born at just the right moment to witness this impressive feat of evolution.”


Featured Image Courtesy: NBC News

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