15 Pics Prove That an Eye to Detail Makes Life Interesting

Detail-orientedness is often asked at jobs because not everybody understands what it means to be detail-oriented when it comes to art. However, its importance isn’t restricted to just that. At times, even randomly found little details leave us awestruck. Such interesting knick-knacks definitely bring out the kid inside us.

In this blog, you’re going to see some of the pictures that showcase exactly what we just talked about. Scroll, enjoy, and share with people who take a good look at whatever they check out !!

1. “My Spanish sneakers have a map of Barcelona on the soles.”

Courtesy: Xarawhite / Reddit

2. “My childhood doctor’s office has a mini door installed for the younger patients.”

Courtesy: 23×3 / Reddit

3. “This crack in the pavement is filled with a stained-glass cat portrait.”

Courtesy: sanelib / Reddit

4. “A cloud that resembles a polar bear from my walk earlier today”

Courtesy: ash4632mm / Reddit

5. “This tree I found grows into itself.”

Courtesy: FishayyMtg / Reddit

6. “We’ve got this staple remover at work.”

Courtesy: greyscalezero / Reddit

7. “The sand in Tahoe is magnetic and it’s stuck to my phone.”

Courtesy: bopete1313 / Reddit

8. “My egg cracked open like a Poké Ball.”

Courtesy: ginkgobilobie / Reddit

9. “I ordered a 119-year-old book online and quite a few pages are uncut — meaning no one ever read it.”

Courtesy: Not_Bekki / Reddit

10. “My keyboard’s USB has a keyboard on it.”

Courtesy: TheDarkLordPheonixos / Reddit

11. “Woody and Buzz traveling down the interstate”

Courtesy: awesomer-J / Reddit

12. “Years of a lock grinding on a brick”

Courtesy: posty_co / Reddit

13. “My girlfriend’s office used to be a bowling alley. The original lanes are still there.”

Courtesy: joestn / Reddit

14. “The way the paint dried in this old bottle makes it look like a tidal wave.”

Courtesy: Epotheros / Reddit

15. “This drop of coffee looks like Jupiter.”

Courtesy: caligarelinquo / Reddit