12 Celebs Who Became Moms After 45

Today, not all women jump to motherhood right away and decide to have kids in a later stage of life. Some women opt to have a successful career and financial independence before welcoming children to their lives. And if they don’t find somebody whose thoughts are aligned with their dreams, they even go for Vitro fertilization (IVF). Even here, certain Celebrities are definitely the trendsetters. With their careers demanding more time, some female celebs decided to have children later.

Inspired by such women, we are sharing a list of women celebs who became moms after 45.

1. Brigitte Nielsen at 54

Courtesy: realbrigittenielsen/Instagram

2. Kenya Moore at 47

Courtesy: thekenyamoore/Instagram

3. Chloƫ Sevigny at 45

Courtesy: chloessevigny/Instagram

4. Audra McDonald at 46

Courtesy: audramcdonald/ Instagram

5. Susan Sarandon at 45

Courtesy: Isabelle Vautier/KCS/East News, MCMULLAN CO/EAST NEWS

6. Janet Jackson at 50

Courtesy: AFP/EAST NEWS, 0000001/Reporter/ EAST NEWS

7. Halle Berry at 47

Courtesy: Lalo Yasky / WireImage / Getty Images, EAST NEWS

8. Tamron Hall at 48

Courtesy: tamronhall/Instagram

9. Laura Linney at 49

Courtesy: VALERIE MACON/AFP/East News, aguar PS / Shutterstock

10. Rachel Weisz

Courtesy: Van Tine Dennis/ABACA/EAST NEWS

11. Iman Abdulmajid at 45

Courtesy: the_real_iman/Instagram

12. Kelly Preston at 47

Courtesy: johntravolta/Instagram