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12 Things To Do With Your Extra Time During The COVID-19 Lockdown

Wondering what to do with all that time in your hand? Due to COVID-19, you’re quarantined at home, and all the outdoor activities that you used to do have come to a full stop. Sitting idle for a long period of time might drive you crazy, so, it’s time that you figure out how to wisely use time. You could try something new, creative, finish off what you left halfway or it could be anything and everything. Check out a few ideas that will keep boredom away.

1. How to begin?

You could begin with writing down your daily tasks i.e., a to-do list and what all you want to achieve, as in your bigger goals, and cut them down to daily, weekly tasks so you have a better idea as to how much effort you need to put in on a daily basis.  Keep that list around so that you always have an eye on that and if you feel you’re lagging behind then you could review the list again.

2. Wipe off the dust

This will not take much time. Keeping a list of work that can be done in not more than fifteen minutes will help you when you take a break or have a bit of downtime and will increase your energy levels and productivity. Dusting is one of such tasks that can be done quickly and will also tick off one task from the list.

3. What’s your next task?

If you have a planned meeting anytime soon then you can take out five minutes or so to visualize what could happen in the meeting so that there are no hiccups. Keep things ready and go through what all you’re going to say or do in the meeting which will prepare you well in advance. This way you’ll be able to face the meeting in a better way and you’ll know what to pay attention to and what to ignore.

4. Find time for exercising

Sitting at the same place in the same position at a stretch is not good for your health and posture. Get up and move your arms and legs which in itself increase your energy levels. Try doing squats, sit-ups, or stretches.

5. Read the saved articles

Whenever you come across an interesting article and you feel that there isn’t enough time right now then just take a print out of it and keep it in your folder. When you do have time you can always pull that article out and read it in your own time at your own pace.

6. Call someone

Finding time to call a family member or a friend will make the relationship strong and will help you bond. The other person will also appreciate that you took out time to check on them which will make them feel special.

7. Take care of plants

Having plants around is refreshing but how much do you actually take care of them. Water them as per the requirement in your spare time so that they stay alive and give you company for a long period of time.

8. Enjoy boredom

If you’re getting bored then just get bored. Don’t turn to your mobile phone every time you get bored, just keep your mind blank for a while and let the ideas pour in. Who knows your mind might bump into something big.

9. A quick nap

After long working hours, you might feel overworked, and taking a nap would be the best thing to do at that time to regain energy. Taking a nap has a lot of benefits like boosting mental function, reducing stress, and improving heart health.

10. Cook with a twist

Stuck at home you’re probably cooking all the meals yourself. Check what all you have in stock and try out a new recipe or cook the usual in a different flavor which will be fun and exciting.

11. Try making a DIY face mask

If you have a sewing machine readily available, as well as other fabric and materials at home then you could learn to make a face mask of your own which without a doubt will be very useful.

12. Wash your own clothes

Instead of piling up the dirty clothes in a chair kept in a corner of your home, you could collect them and wash them in a go so that they are not only clean but also smell good.


Now you don’t have to worry about getting bored because doing some or all of the stuff will help you pass time and the best part is that you won’t even know it. Go, get started!