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15 Products Under INR 1500 Which Are A Must-Have For The People In Lockdown

Get your hands on these extremely useful products because let’s face it, you can’t do without it.

1. This no-touch door opener is exactly what you need right now to avoid touching doors and lift buttons – INR 349

2. This laptop cleaning kit which includes the wonder cloth and dust brush ensures that your laptop keeps shining while you work on it. – INR 209

3. This posture corrector will support your back while you sit at your desk and work long hours at a stretch – INR 749

4. This innovative time-marked water bottle will remind you to drink water throughout the day so that you stay hydrated and measure your daily intake of water – INR 999

5. This gel exercise ball is the stress buster that you were looking for all this while, which provides therapeutic relief as well – INR 194

6. This set of cable clips will finally help you organize the numerous tangled wires on your table/desk which you’ve wanted to do since forever – INR 359

7. This cactus plant will not only brighten your desk but also be refreshing for your eyes when you work long hours – INR 459

8. This Fitkit yoga mat rolled out on the floor will encourage you to begin your day with yoga and stretch your body whenever you take a short break from your busy schedule, keeping you fit and healthy – INR 854

9. This desk organizer will keep all your stationery in one place and it will no more be buried under books or files – INR 315

10. This miniature bowling game will keep stress off the table and is so much fun that your breaks will have a new meaning to it – INR 342

11. This desk cup warmer will ensure that you’re coffee doesn’t get cold and that every sip you take is absolutely fresh that too without leaving your seat – INR 1285

12. This set of eco-friendly pencils made from recycled newspaper will be something that you want to hold onto because it makes your stationery look super cool – INR 79

13. This pair of prism glasses is for the lazy ones who can’t even lift their neck to read or watch their book and TV – INR 499

14. This portable fabric steamer will help you get rid of wrinkles from your clothes, making it crisp and formal as well as it can also be used as a facial steamer for opening pores of your face – INR 899

15. This dust cleaning gel will reach the toughest corners and clean anything and everything from your laptop to almost all electronic items at your home – INR 199