11 Amazing Sports Photos That Are Simply Timed Perfectly!

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When it comes to sports, who can say no? The adrenaline rush, the thrill and the sheer joy of it. Sportsmanship is stardom in our world and what better way to celebrate the spirit of good sportsmanship than by looking back at the best moments captured on roll.

1. Ben Johnson

Summer Olympics, Sept. 24, 1988 | Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson pulls ahead of the pack during the men's 100-meter dash at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Johnson would win gold and set a new world record, only to be stripped of both when he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs three days later.
courtesy: si.com

Here we see Canadian sprinter, Ben Johnson racing ahead of the pack in his 100 metre dash at the summer Olympics in 1988 held in Seoul, South Korea.

2. Pete Rose

Reds vs. Cubs, August 1975 | Cincinnati's Pete Rose dives into third base in a game with the Cubs at Wrigley Field. Baseball's all-time hits leader, Rose was 4-for-9 and drew eight walks during the series with Chicago.
courtesy: si.com

Baseball’s all-time hits leader, Pete Rose during a match between the Reds and Cubs, in Chicago at Wrigley feild.(August 1975)

3. Julius Erving

January 1977 | Philadelphia 76ers forward Julius Erving gets full extension on a one-handed dunk against the Denver Nuggets.
courtesy: Neil Leifer

Julius Erving, Philadelphia 76ers’ forward reaching for a slam dunk in a match against the Denver Nuggets in 1977.

4. Lynn Swann

Super Bowl X, Jan. 18, 1976 | Steelers WR Lynn Swann makes an acrobatic catch over Cowboys defender Mark Washington. Swann became the first receiver to win Super Bowl MVP honors after catching four passes for 161 yards and a touchdown during a 21-17 Pittsburgh victory.

courtesy: Heinz Kluetmeier

Here we see Steelers WR Lynn Swann amke an almost impossible catch over Cpwboys Defender Mark Washington.This was during the Super Bowl X in January, 1976. Swann went down in history as the firt person to ever win the superbowl MVP honors for his achievmentsof catchinf four pasees through 161 yards and his Pittsburg touchdown victory.

5. U.S Hockey

1980 Olympics, Feb. 22, 1980 | The impossible had been accomplished, and it was time to celebrate. The United States upset the unbeatable Soviet Union 4-3 on Mike Eruzione's game-winning goal to finish Miracle on Ice and advance to the gold medal game (which it also won).
courtesy: Heinz Kluetmeier

This was a defining moment in history for America. This was the day, specifically, February 22nd, 1980 during the Olympics of 1980, where the United States beat the seemingly unbeatable Soviet Union at 4-3. It was Mike Eruzione’s finishing and winning goal that bought them this victory.

6. Tiger Woods

Masters, April 8, 2001 | Tiger Woods tees off in the final round of the Masters, which he won by two strokes over David Duval. The win completed the "Tiger Slam," Woods' run of four consecutive major championship victories.
courtesy: Fred Vuich

Tiger Woods aiming his shot in match against David Duval which he later won by two strokes. The Master’s victory in April 8, 2001 was one of Tiger Wood’s four consecutive major championship victories. He won the match with his iconic “Tiger Slam”.

7. Michael Jordan

All-Star Weekend, Feb. 6, 1988 | Air Jordan takes off from the free throw line and soars to a perfect score of 50 to defeat Dominique Wilkins in the finals of the Slam Dunk Contest. It was the second straight title for the Bulls star, and the '88 contest is widely considered the best ever because of the duel between Jordan and Wilkins.
courtesy: Walter Iooss Jr.

Michael Jordan during the All-Star Weekend in February 6, 1988.Here we see Michael Jordan making a perfect liftoff from the free throw line to nail a perfect 50score and defeat Dominique Wilkins in the Slam Dunk Contest Finals. A fun fact to know is that thi particular contest in 1988 is considered the best performance of Jordon thanks to the duel between Wilkins and Jordan.

8. Kerri Strug

Atlanta Olympics, July 23, 1996 | Kerri Strug holds her pose after sticking the landing on her vault despite a painful ankle injury suffered on her first attempt. The United States' gold medal hopes rested on her, and she fought the pain on her second attempt to secure the title for the U.S.
courtesy: Al Tielemans

This is a photo of Kerri Strug , shot during the Altanta Olympics on July 23, 1996. This photo has a special significance as the woman you see her has made a perfect landing on her vault despit a painful ankle injury she suffered on her first attempt. In an act of sheer patriotism, Kerri fought th pain to obtain a gold for the United States.

9. Reggie Bush

USC vs. UCLA, Dec. 3, 2005 | USC running back Reggie Bush jump over UCLA defender Marcus Cassel and into the end zone for a touchdown. Bush's spectacular season earned him the 2005 Heisman Trophy, but the award was later stripped because Bush had received illegal benefits during his time with the Trojans.
courtesy: Peter Read Miller

In this epic touchdown, we see USC’s Reggie Bush leap over UCLA defender Marcus Cassel into the end zone. This particular performance earned Reggie Bush the Heisman Trophy in 2005.

10. Bob Cousy

Pistons at Celtics, Nov. 19, 1955 | Boston Celtics point guard Bob Cousy drives by two Fort Wayne Pistons defenders during a game in 1955. Cousy's unorthodox style, featuring behind-the-back dribbling and no-look passes, stood in marked contrast to the rest of the league, which was then dominated by a more fundamental style of play.
courtesy: Hy Peskin

This shot was during the Pistons vs Celtics match of November 19, 1955. Here we see unorthodox plauerBob Cousy drive right past two Pistons defenders. The athlete was known for his unorythodox style of basketball techniques which distonguished him from the rest pf the team.

11. Serena Williams

Australian Open, Jan. 21, 2007 | Serena Williams celebrates a point during the 2007 Australian Open finals against Maria Sharapova. Williams, who was unseeded because of her World no. 81 ranking, continued on to beat Sharapova and win the tournament.
courtesy: David Callow

This was during the iconic match between Tennis giants, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova at the Australian Open in 2007. Serena beat Sharapova and won the tournament.

Featured image courtesy: Pinterest (Dennis Rodman Pacers vs Bulls 1997)

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