10 Hilarious Yet Brilliant Workplace Pranks To Mess With Your Colleagues

Every office has a Jim to your Dwight, a co-worker who loves making your life miserable at work his or her KRA. We have enjoyed all those pranks Jim pulled on Dwight until it happened to us IRL. Your co-worker may not have put your stapler in Jell-o but he has definitely stolen it from your desk more than once which is worse (at least, Jell-O part was funny and you still had your stapler at your desk). This is just the tip of all the shenanigans our colleagues have done to make our day in the office miserable. If you have never experienced the wrath of your colleagues in your office, they are boring or maybe you are. 

Here are people who share the annoying experiences that will make you furious and you don’t even work with them. or, in case, you need new evil ideas to mess with your colleagues at work.

1. Surprise, surprise! When your colleague returns from a long vacation 😉

Image Source: brightside.me

2. Cutting a piece from all your colleague’s donuts because why not !

Image Source: brightside.me

3. When you work at the Paleontology Department and take your job very seriously.

Image Source: brightside.me

4. Bedazzled!

Image Source: brightside.me

5. When your colleague wanted a standing desk

Image Source: brightside.me

6. Upgrade fun in your life by downgrading your colleague’s system

Image Source: brightside.me

8. Don’t you ask me where Ed is!

Image Source: brightside.me

9. Every time someone in your team cracks a lame joke, make them wear this mask of shame.


10. Here’s a fun way to freak people out in the bathroom. Make a cut-out of your face and start talking to people in the loo.

Image Source: brightside.me

Say what you will but if it weren’t for your annoying colleagues and their dramas, your 9 to 5 job would be a dull affair. You would not enjoy coming to the office as much as you do now. 



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