10 Fun-filled & Best Theme Parks in the World!

What’s the best combination in the world? It’s travel, combined with amusement, that injects enthusiasm and leads to an adrenaline rush. Sounds like a plan you want to make? Then all you need to do is pick your location based on these theme parks that are undoubtedly the “best” in the world. 

  • Universal Studios, SingaporeOne massive premise, 7 theme parks, over 24 attractions, and uncountable memories, Universal Studios Singapore is a dream-come-true type of theme park for many! You SHOULD NOT miss the Transformers ride and the Hershey’s shop amid all the other fun. 


  • Disneyland, Paris- Not a surprise, for sure, but Disneyland, Paris cannot be a part of the best amusement parks. This place is beyond just the rides- it’s entertainment, music, food, cartoons, picture points, you name it, they got it! 
  • Walt Disney World Resort, Florida- What’s there to explain? It’s a world where you’ll revel in the joys of Disney. There’s nothing better; there’s nothing grander.
  • Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi– No prizes for guessing the theme of this park, but you will win yourself a lifetime of entertainment once you visit here. Oh, and it’s not just for speed or car fanatics. There’s something for everyone, plus the joy of striking this place off your bucket lists! 
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles- Home to the tallest vertical loop, more than many rollercoasters, memorable kiddie rides, and the ride that conveniently replaces the experience of sky diving, Six Flags Magic Mountain is by far one of the best theme parks in the world
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK- One of the most visited theme parks in the UK, Blackpool Pleasure Beach boasts of over 40 rides, including one of the country’s first double-launch roller coaster rides. Can’t wait to visit? Count us in! 
  • Europa Park, Germany- Interested in a ride through a diamond mine? But it’s not just any ride, it’s a powered roller coaster ride, and the only place you can enjoy this is at Europa Park. That, and a lot more! 
  • PortAventura, Spain- With roller coaster rides that look like a visual confusion only until you actually ride on one of them, PortAventura happens to be the largest theme park in southern Europe. We’re guessing your trip to Europe will not include some detours. It’s worth it because it’s where stands the tallest rides, the Hurakan Condor. 
  • Tivoli Gardens, Denmark- Did you know that over 4 million people visit the Tivoli Gardens in a year? Of course, this figure is from our lovable pre-pandemic world. But still, you get the point of how worth-a-visit this theme park is. 
  • Efteling, Holland- Also known as the World of Wonders, Efteling welcomes people to find amusement and entertainment in their many worlds, ones you don’t want to leave! 


Oh, and these are just a few out of the many best theme parks in the world. We did not include the ones you otherwise already know, like Disneyland, Hong Kong, Universal Studios, Japan, Universal Studios, Hollywood, and the like.