5 Best Beauty & Fashion Influencers to Follow in 2022

Being an influencer can be very competitive, especially in popular niches. Fortunately, both brands and influencers alike can learn from the big names by the right collaboration. 

Also, there is an evolution in the makeup industry lately and the same is quite evident on Instagram and YouTube. So if you are a makeup enthusiast, an aspiring makeup artist, or you just simply adore the art here’s is a list of influencers you should follow. 

1) Huda Kattan 

Followers- 49.8M

Huda didn’t start as an Instagrammer rather, she is a makeup artist and blogger, who used to give her expert opinion on makeup and skincare hacks. She has also worked as a celebrity makeup artist and stylist for Revlon.

2) James Charles

Followers- 23.7M

James Charles was the first male spokesmodel for Cover Girl. You can witness a lot of makeup done in vibrant colors on his Instagram account; his specialties being is eye makeup. Charles is confident and doesn’t take things seriously. 

3) Manny Gutierrez 

Followers- 4M

Like James Charles, Manny is also known for being fearless & confident. He was also a brand ambassador for Maybelline, and later he has started his own makeup line called Lunar Beauty.

4) Chiara Ferragni

Followers- 26M

Ferragni is known for starting her Fashion journey with an award-winning fashion blog. Chiara has her own fashion house, including shoes and apparel. On her Instagram, Ferragni talks about how women can be both beautiful and working moms.

5) Mariano di Vaio 

Followers- 6.5M

An Italian actor and model, Di Vaio has been the brand ambassador for several major fashion houses. He is also a family-oriented person who often posts pictures with his wife and children on Instagram.