10 crazy food challenges that made it to Guinness world records!

When it comes to food, there is nothing more interesting than hearing and reading about some crazy world records. Here is a collection of 10 such food challenges that broke the world record.

1. The most chicken nuggets eaten in 3 minutes is 642.12 grams — about 37 nuggets.

2. The most grilled cheese sandwiches eaten in 1 minute is 13.

3. The fastest a 12″ pizza has been eaten is 32.28 seconds.

4. The most hamburgers eaten in 3 minutes is 12, accomplished by Takeru Kobayashi

5. The fastest someone’s ever eaten 30 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups WITHOUT drinking water is 2 minutes and 57.36 seconds.

6. The fastest someone’s ever consumed 10 ghost peppers is 30.70 seconds.

7. The most grapes eaten in 3 minutes is 205.

8. The most M&M’s eaten with chopsticks in 1 minute is 65.

9. The most Twinkies eaten in 6 minutes is 121.

10. The largest amount of bacon eaten in 5 minutes is 182 slices.