Why Fabric Softener is Bad for Baby Clothing?

Using fabric softener might be your favorite thing about laundry but this is not  something you should do to your baby’s clothes. 

Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap, has warned parents about the danger of washing their children’s clothes with fabric softener. However, he did suggest an alternative to the target audience. 

But Why?

It goes without saying that while washing clothes we use fabric softener to the clothes wash without giving it a second thought – but Dimitrov issued a warning for parents to not use it on baby clothing.

He further said that for safety reasons baby clothes are usually treated with flame-resistant chemicals and using fabric softener reduces its effectiveness and makes the material more susceptible to catching fire which can put a baby in a vulnerable situation.

“For this reason, avoid using fabric softener on your baby and children’s clothing and sleepwear, or fabrics such as velour, chenille, terry cloth, fleece, or any garments that are labelled as flame resistant.

“If in doubt, check the clothing label,” he said.

An Alternative

But if you stop using a fabric softener what would keep your baby’s clothes soft? Well, Mr. Dimitrov does have a solution for that. He recommends using a setting as gentle as possible that is supposedly used for delicate clothing. 

Additionally, try washing the clothes at a lower temperature with a mild non-bio detergent. He also recommends avoiding a tumble dryer and to allow the clothes dry naturally. 

You all must have seen care label on clothes saying if they have been treated with flame resistant chemicals, so if they have been then you’re not advised to wash them at temperature higher than 50 degrees.

You can look at the care label on garments to see if they have been treated with flame-resistant chemicals, and if they have been Deyan advises not to wash them at high temperatures as “50 degrees or more is too hot”.