4 Productivity Myths You Gotta Stop Believing

How many of us have taken a neat photo of our work desk just to put it on our Instagram while the reality was far from it? Like our lives on Instagram is part lies, productivity is also a myth for some people. People have a lot of assumptions about productivity and often relate it with being busy, hustling, or striking off things from the to-do list. This is the reason why productivity is a myth.

These illusions are what’s stopping you from achieving your goals in the first place. In order to be successful and most importantly, have a peace of mind, these myths have to go. Instead, you need to implement productive strategies to allow yourself to do more and boost mental energy.

What are the common productivity myths?

Myth #1: Being busy is being productive.

Most people glorify productivity with being busy. They create an illusion of being productive by appearing busy while the real output of work is way less. To break their bubble, productivity does not mean being busy. It means spending LESS time working. People who are actually productive create a game plan for doing the job faster and better. This saves them the time of staring at the computer for hours before they can actually start working. They use the time they save being actually productive on other important things.

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Myth #2: Productivity strategies kill creativity

Really? Is that so? Productive people may disagree. It is a common productivity myth. Thinking out of the box does not always give birth to brilliant ideas. Sometimes, staying in that box of constraints does the trick too. When your focus is clear, it does not let your creativity and you give your self whole lot of mental energy to accomplish the task at hand. If productivity does anything, it soars creativity. Surprising, right? Try it next time.

Myth #3: Productivity is only for Type A personalities

There are two types of personalities in this world; Type A and Type B. while Type A digs over goal setting and habit tracking, Type B personality is more ‘go with the flow’ mentality. The reason why most people struggle at being productive is that they find it stressful, urgent, and highly overwhelming. Well, guess what? Productivity does not have to be that way. In fact, it is in the first place to eliminate those things. So, whether you are a data person or impromptu, productivity helps both of you stay on track.

Myth #4: Being productive is one helluva task

By task, it is meant by organizing sheets and managing each and every detail of your goals. While it does sound like too much of a task, it is not taxing. Using tools and resources to manage your daily tasks can fine-tune your routine, be intentional and weed out unproductive habits out of your system. Nobody is saying that you have to be a Monica level organizer but even a little effort.

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