Top 10 Cities to Visit In 2022

Our experts compiled a list of the Top 10 Cities chock-full of unforgettable experiences.

New Zealand’s Auckland

Courtesy: Forbes

There seem to be 53 volcanoes, over 50 islands, three wine regions, and numerous beaches in Auckland. The country’s largest and most diverse city has a thriving cultural scene that shines a new light on thrilling local creativity.

Taiwanese capital Taipei

You must have a voracious appetite to do Taipei justice, not just for its incredible culinary scene. This city deserves a thorough exploration as it has a wealth of antiquity religious traditions and a progressive LGBT+ culture. Taiwan’s wealth is an urban feast that will satisfy you.

Freiburg, Germany

Courtesy: BBC

Freiburg ticks all the boxes for cliched German quaintness, with cobblestoned lanes, gable roof townhouses, an ancient university, and a skyline controlled by the spire of its cathedral. You’ll explore one of the country’s younger, relaxed, and sustainable cities, with many eco-accolades.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Courtesy: Sotheby’s

Atlanta is a thriving, gleaming cultural gemstone in the heart of the American South, brimming with passion and activism. During the 2020 presidential election in the United States, the original location of Martin Luther King Jr. was a central battleground state.

The Nigerian city of Lagos

Courtesy: OWASP

Lagos is known for its champagne-soaked beach parties, a thriving Afrobeat music scene, and a world-class Fashion Week. This vibrant, oil-rich metropolis on Nigeria’s southwest coast is brimming with creativity and demands visitors’ attention.

Cyprus, Nicosia/Lefkosia

Courtesy: Schengen Visa

Since 1974, the sun-drenched city of Nicosia (Lefkosia) in Cyprus has been divided, with its Greek and Turkish halves leading largely separate lives. Exploring the world’s only remaining divided equity and its mash-up of Mediterranean cultures was never more compelling for the emergence of cross-community cultural projects.

Dublin, Ireland

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The actual city Leopold saw on his Irish odyssey in 1922, with its Georgian squares, traditional pubs, and friendly people, is still there a century later. And the capital’s long-established highlights are now supplemented by new layers of society and variety that add to its contemporary appeal.

Mérida in Mexico

Courtesy: T+L

Make your way to Mérida, the state capital and the beating heart of this sultry corner of southeast Mexico.

Explore Maya Civilization ruins, striking colonization buildings, and mysterious cenotes to learn about heritage, culture, and nature. And you’ll be pleased to know that Mérida has established itself as one of Mexico’s premier culinary destinations.

Florence in Italy

Courtesy: Travel & Destinations

Home to some of the world’s best art and architecture, Florence needs no introduction. Italy’s famously overcrowded città d’arte (art city) is no stranger to those seeking the dolce vita. In 2020, With its visitors and income dwindling, the Tuscan capital was forced to rethink its future and try to forge an exciting new artistic journey.

Gyeongju, a South Korean City

Courtesy: Pixabay

A treasure hunt for ancient royal relics in Gyeongju is a fantastic way to re-engage with travel.

The open-air castles and grassy burial sites of the Silla nobility and hundreds of Buddhist artifacts adorning a wild swath of nature reserves, hills, and lotus ponds make this “museum without walls” a must-see and relaxing destination.