This Is How a Tomato Can Fix Acne

If not glowing skin, everybody at least wants acne-free skin. And the reason is obvious: who wants to be conscious about their appearance? All these acnes bring is pain and a little bit of embarrassment. And it has nothing to do with how old are you.

It might be a common condition, but it is classified as a skin disease that is a result of clogged follicles and glands.

Although acne isn’t seen as something serious, it can’t leave your skin scarred. So, if you can manage to keep your skin acne-free, then you should do it without a second thought. 

As you know that there are hundreds of chemical products available in the market that promise you healthy skin but end up drying it out. 

In this article, we are sharing an extremely quick and cheap hack to keep skin ace-free. It surely asks for you to be a little disciplined, but we promise that you won’t regret it.

However, a better solution to it may be lying in your fridge. You’d be surprised to know that a freshly cut tomato can clean up acne and even reduce the scars lefts by acne in the past. Abundant in vitamins A, B6, C, E, and K, tomatoes have many amazing health benefits to offer.

Here’s How to apply the tomato to your face:

At first, simply cut a tomato in slices and gent;y rub it onto the affected areas on your skin. It might not be the best possible method but stops the minor breakouts. Moreover, it doesn’t require much time and can be done even when you’re in a hurry.

Now, if you do have some more time for your skin, try applying a tomato face mask as it’s a more effective method than the previous one. For this method, slice a tomato in an X shape, leave it under warm water for about 60 seconds, remove the skin and seeds, and mash the tomato to get a paste. Then, apply this paste onto your entire face, and leave it for about an hour or so before finally rinsing it off. You can also add mashed cucumber or yogurt to this paste for even better results. 

Try this out, and let us know how fruitful this vegetable treatment turned out to be for you.