This Indian Actress Cut A $5000 Birthday Cake With Edible Gold!

In the most recent list of couple goals, is pop singer and actor, Nick Jonas, who apparently shelled out a huge amount of money oh his beloved wife, actress Priyanka Chopra.

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Priyanka recently turned 37, on 18th of July this year. The sensational actress, stunned in a blood-red shimmery cocktail dress paired with golden heels and a stylish sling purse.

But what truly caught the world by surprise is not what she wore, but what she cut on her birthday. Yes, we’re talking about Nick Jonas’ customized birthday cake.

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What’s so catchy about the cake?

Well, turns out, husband Nick left no stone unturned, no penny unspent in making sure the cake is apt for his star wife.

He got the cake decorated in blood red and gold, to match Priyanka’s outfit.

The cake was heavily decorated and had intricate designs all completed with a set of sparklers and Priyanka’s name on top.

The cost of the cake was reported to be USD 5000 (INR 3.5 lacs) ! When news of this came out, the majority of the people in India, Priyanka’s home country; were shocked and in awe. For many in India, 3 lakhs(roughly 4237 dollars) is the annual home takeaway package from a 9-5 job. That means, 12 months of hard work for a majority.

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While it ain’t surprising that celebrities and icons like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra can afford this, for most of India; it’s shocking!

Priyanka Chopra’s Birthday

Well, apart from the killer cake Nick bought his wife, other precious moments like him looking out for her when the sparklers went off and being just the perfect husband can’t help but be noticed.

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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were married in December 2018. The duo were first spotted together at the Met Gala 2017.


Priyanka lightly said in an interview that the only reason Nick and her paired up for the event was because of the fact that both of them were wearing Ralph Lauren. They just decided to go together since they wore the same brand. Well, at least, that’s what she said

While most of us thought they were just accompanying each other turns out, things took off from there and took off pretty fast at that.

While playing a fun newlywed game in an interview by Vogue, Nick and Priyanka shared the first moment they knew it was love. Nick said that he got down on one knee and asked her where she had been his whole life. He even remembers the details of her attire to the dot!

We’re not gushing, you are!

This fairytale romance only seems to be getting stronger as time passes and we can see it from the way they are today.

Amid all the criticism and badmouthing on Priyanka’s intentions and their huge age difference(10 years); looks like Nick and PeeCee or ‘PRICK‘ like Priyanka likes to call it, have shown that love knows no such limitations and that their bond is true.





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