The Best Guide To Buying Clothes For Newborn Babies

Newborns are tricky little things. With their fast growth rate and fluctuating weight it can be difficult to lockdown on clothes for them. Generally, buying perfect baby clothes ain’t everybody’s niche. However, that’s going to change now. So what do you need to know while buying baby clothes?. Here’s the what, how and when of buying baby clothes.


Cheatsheet to buying the perfect baby clothes

#1. Sizing

Unsure of what size your baby’s clothes should be? Check out this size chart. To be even more precise you can measure your baby. If you can afford to make your baby clothes at home, that would be great too! A great way to bond and make sure that every stitch in the dress is filled with love.

#2 Small steps first


Never buy baby clothes in bulk, babies generally outgrow their clothes very quickly. It’s best advised to stick to buying clothes a little by little. Babies have rapid growth spurts and buying baby clothes in bulk will result in a lot of loss for you. Instead, going 4 pairs of dresses at a time is better.

#3 Type of fabric
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It’s always best to choose a fabric that’ll be soft on your newborn’s skin. Organic cotton clothes are the best pick. Sometimes, tagless clothing can cause redness and rashes to newborns. If your baby shows such symptoms, just switch to clothes with tags. Because can always trim them out post purchase.

#4 Comfort


Snaps and zippers are way too better than buttons in the baby clothes sector. To be able to gently slide on a dress on your newborn, look for clothes with collar snaps and stretchy neck holes. Afterall, what’s the point in buying clothing when it’s only going to make baby management harder?

#5 Design


It can be very tempting to get a sophisticated jean onesie for your baby. Whatever type of dress you choose, just remember to check if if diaper changing will be easy in those clothes. Given the frequent diaper change that’ll happen, this is an important feature to note while getting clothes for your baby.

#6 Baby pants 101
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Always choose pants with a stretchy elastic waistband. Why? Because they will be able to hold on to your active baby through his crawling sessions. Also make sure the elastic is not too tight on your little ones waistline. We don’t want the munchkin coughing up his food do we?

#7 Safety
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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) mandates that sleepwear made for sizes 9 months to 14 months must be either made of flame-resistant fabric or snug to protect children from burns.

Also, make sure your baby’s clothing doesn’t have things that come off easily. Like, drawstrings, lace, decorative pieces etc. Be extra careful!

#8 Watch out for product recalls
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Always checkout for recalled products while buying clothes for your baby. Over the past few decades the government has recalled almost millions of products that did not meet the mark. To be sure of what you’re buying, check out this list.

Just follow these steps and you’re set to having a comfy happy journey with your baby.

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