The 5 Best Colors to Wear For Business

Are there some clothing colors that work better than others for business?


Color psychology has long played a role in business success. For centuries, from logos and product design to office décor and manufacturing environments, colors have made people happy, sad, excited, angry, productive, lazy, etc.

So what are the best colors for business wear?


1. Blue

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Blue denotes tranquility, authority, trust, and loyalty. It’s the best-selling color in the world and has the best success rate in interviews and sales calls. A favorite of law enforcement and the military, blue is the ultimate “power color.”


2. Black

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Black is the color of authority, power, and drama. Popular because of its slimming effect, black can also make its wearer seem aloof and over-powering. Avoid it when interviewing unless in small amounts or as an accent color.


3. Gray

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Gray symbolizes neutrality and sophistication. After blue, it’s the second most popular color to wear to an interview. Try gray if you want to look authoritative without looking oppressive in black.


4. Brown

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Brown communicates credibility, stability, and dependability. It’s the color of the earth and abundant in nature, creating a neutral environment for open discussion. Men are more apt to say that brown is one of their favorite colors.


5. Beige

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Beige, like brown, is a calming, stress-reducing, earthy color that invites communication. Perceived as non-assertive and passive, this is the color to wear to comfort others or gather information.