Stuck With Spouse During Quarantine? 7 Reasons You Should Spend Time Apart From Each Other

Does that sound a bit harsh? You must be wondering how possibly spending more, more and some more time with your better half could scar your happily married life. In a marriage, the relationship you share with your spouse is, without a doubt, a delicate and sensitive one and no rule book can prepare you for that in advance.  Finding the right balance in all spheres of the relationship is a struggle but not something which you can avoid.

To those of you who are perplexed and straining their heads thinking why spending too much time together can damage your marriage, here’s a list of 7 reasons. Read on!

#1. Stops growth

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If your world revolves around your spouse, what you need to do is, reconfigure it. Now the reason it’s necessary is that it would stop you from growing as an individual and exploring new things in life. Finding as well as nurturing your hobbies and talents will instill you with all the confidence that you need and want in your life.   

 #2. Invading partner’s privacy

That’s something which might shake up your married life as stepping into your partner’s privacy might cause deep resentment. It’s not that hard to understand that everybody out there needs their own space for them to be their own self.

 #3. Expectations and lots of expectations

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When you spend most of your time with your spouse undoubtedly your expectations from them will boom because you haven’t looked into other sources of relaxation and enjoyment.  

#4. One can’t meet all your needs

You cannot hold your spouse responsible to meet every single need of yours. What role do you think your friends, family and colleagues play in your life? Everybody knows that they prove to be a great support system so why not spend more time with them to fulfill your wishes and desires.

#5. Can you feel the over-dependence?

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Relying on your partner for everything that happens in your day to day life will take away your confidence and make you weak. You will stop feeling equal in your marriage and believe it or not, it will adversely affect your married life.

#6. One’s happiness in another’s hand

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Isn’t it too much to ask for? Imagine the weight your spouse would carry on his shoulders if he were solely responsible for your happiness. This will ultimately drain all his energy, leave him feeling exhausted and eventually hurt your marriage.

#7. Quantity given priority over quality

Why is it that even after spending all your time with your partner, you crave for more? A bit of analysis is what is required here because it’s not about how much time you’ve spent rather it’s about what you both did while being with each other. Quality over quantity, always!


A little bit of awareness and conscious efforts to make things right is what you need sometimes to show that you’re there and your partner is not alone in this. Live, laugh and enjoy your ‘forever’!


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