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Here’s How To Stop Overeating During This Quarantine & Keep Your Weight In Check

The work from home arrangement looks like it’s not going away anytime soon, considering the health-danger out there.

While you’re coping with multiple things, you must have noticed that you resort to binge eating or overeating. How do you plan to take care of that? Here are some ways.

Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner schedule

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Are you a morning person? If not, then you might have to put in some extra efforts.

Prepare a proper meals chart to maintain a balanced eating routine. Don’t ever even think about skipping the breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day, it helps you kick start your day. Having a healthy and heavy breakfast not just keeps your energy level high but has a lot of other benefits.

Jump on to lunch after five hours and give a gap of at least three to four hours before you start preparing your light dinner. Between dinner and sleeping, allow at least three hours for proper digestion.  

Focus on eating while eating

Don’t do this. (Image Credit: Parenting)

You do that a lot, especially now when you’re working from home but eating while your fingers are actively moving on that laptop keyboard affects taste processing and you might overeat.

When you’re eating, put all other things on hold and concentrate on your food, this way you’ll enjoy the meal as well as you’d know when your stomach is full.

Switch to whole foods

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Do you find yourself hogging unhealthy food? Then you are keeping away your body from natural nutrients and fibre, in addition to that, these highly processed foods could ruin your metabolism and lead to weight gain.

Your meal routine should cover fresh or frozen veggies, lean proteins, like beans, lentils, or fish, good fats, including extra virgin olive oil, avocado, and nuts, and smaller portions of whole food carbohydrates, including fresh fruit, whole grains, and starchy veggies.

Plan B to cope with stress

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No matter what emotion you’re feeling you always end up eating, this definitely leads to weight gain, energy drain, disrupted sleep and even weakens immunity.

So, look for alternative ways to deal with the crisis and most importantly, stick to your eating schedule. You could indulge in different activities like painting, dancing, yoga, meditation, reading or just watch something that makes you laugh. This switch will take time but it’s necessary. 


Focus on what you eat, follow a healthy eating routine and you’ll be a changed man. Eat right and your health stays bright!


Featured Image Courtesy: Healthista