Short Stories About Disrespectful Guests

Isn’t it always exciting to visit those houses where we’re served with the best of hosts? The real question is, are we always the perfect guests? Most times, right? Or so we think! Let’s consider the other side of the story for a second… the host’s side of the story, and you’ll find multiple embarrassing, surprising, disgusting, and some even cringe-worthy stories.
Say, have you ever served guests who’ve rearranged stuff in your house without YOUR permission? Or had someone go through your medicine drawer and pop some like it were candy? Oh, or (hold your breath), cut nails in your living room when visiting for just a couple of hours? No, right! But these hosts have, and they’ve some stories to tell!


“Had some friends in middle school come over and smash up all the Lego sets in my room. Then they wondered why I didn’t want them to come over again.”

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“She stole my winter hoodies and anti-depressants.”

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“The neighbor’s kid came in with dirt all over his feet and then wiped them on the carpet. I was never able to get the stain out.”

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“Background, I love puzzles and own a decent collection of wooden ones that are used as decoration in my guest bedroom.”

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“My son’s friend (in middle school) opened all the yogurts in my refrigerator. Didn’t eat them, just opened all the tinfoil lids.”

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“Cut their toenails in my living room. They were just visiting for a few hours.”

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“My guests decided to completely rearrange the bookshelf that I have categorized by author and genre. They wanted it to look more “cozy” so they added a bunch of stuff, took books out, rearranged them, etc.”

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“Brother brought a few friends over after a party. We told my brother to make sure everyone stayed downstairs and used the downstairs bathroom since the upstairs one was cluttered. Well, I went to use the bathroom upstairs and the door was locked. I banged on the door and out popped 2 girls with suspicious looks on their faces. I went inside and saw EVERYTHING open, the closet, the shower, the cabinet as if they were going through our stuff. Turns out they were recording and taking photos of themselves reacting to different products and our shower. We live in a high-income town and these girls came from much wealthier homes than ours, we are simply working class. They took these pics/videos to basically mock our home.”

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“Back when I used to have people over at my house, I would estimate at least 40% would walk in, step over the doormat, step onto the runner rug that’s just beyond the doormat, and wipe their feet on it. I never understood what would compel a person to do that.”

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“A friend of mine used to wipe crumbs onto the floor instead of on his plate.”

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