Science Says These 5 Habits Can Strikingly Improve Your Life

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Nobody has a perfect life but that does not mean you cannot ever have it. Forming life-affirming habits can put you on the right track, only if you strive for it. That’s the thing though. First, not all of us work hard enough to change our lives instead of cribbing about it. Secondly, There are all kinds of advice available to us on the internet and on shelves as self-help books that you don’t know which one to follow. The availability of the information baffles you more than it does you any good.

Feel you, bro!

What if I told you that you could throw all those self-help books away and un-bookmark websites? No, I’m not selling you another gimmick to you because science is backing these five habits to change your life for good.

All you need to do is form these habits and you will experience a phenomenal change in your life. Are you ready for a life-altering experience?

1. Have the same breakfast every day

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Did you know that we make 350,000 decisions every day that makes our lives complicated and miserable at times? Deciding what to have for breakfast is one of the dilemmas you face every day. But if you eat the same thing for breakfast every day, that’s one less decision to make. Rather use all that time that you would have wasted on thinking whether to have scrambled eggs or frittata for breakfast on something productive. You could rotate choices weekly or monthly. Make sure you choose something healthy and fulfilling like a low-fat protein shake or high-fiber cereal. This could sound stupid, but science pretty much backs this! 

2. Keep a gratitude journal

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The moments that truly make us happy and content are small and fleeting. It could be eating a grilled cheese sandwich, watering your plants, or simply taking a stroll in a park. Whatever it is, you have got to write it down in your journal so that you can remember these moments of gratitude and happiness and replicate them. Doing these things often will keep you in a good mood and genuinely happy. Why is it important? Happier you are, the healthier your relationships and association with people is. Doing such activity whenever you feel low will pull you out from the abyss of sadness you are about to fall in.

3. Make some time for standing

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Science has confirmed that sitting is the new smoking. Sitting for more than eight hours on your ass can increase your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. Now you see. Our 9-5 job routine is more lethal than you would imagine. This is what you need to do if you want to lead a healthy, disease-free life. Schedule some time out for standing. Take a two-minute stroll every hour or engage in some physical activity. If you cannot get away from yu=our work, have a standing desk to take a good break from long hours of sitting.

4. Stay away from screens just before getting into the bed



Image Source: smartsleeingtips.comWe all have the bad habit of looking at our phone screens and scrolling aimlessly. It is like hooking to a drug. Having too much screen time before bed is hampering your circadian rhythm. These electronic devices emit blue wavelength which suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for putting us to sleep. So, if you find yourself irritated and mentally exhausted at all times, it could be lack of quality sleep. There is only one solution to this; ditch your phones when you get in bed. Turn off all your electronic devices 30 minutes before you sleep. 

5. Meditation is important

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No, it does not mean that you give up everything and become a monk. It means you should spare a few minutes from your busy day and engage in mindful meditation. Studies have found that people who practiced six weeks of meditation had lower levels of anxiety, depression, and insomnia than people who didn’t. It turns out that cure for everything is meditation. It is not as effort-consuming as you would think. All you have to do is find a peaceful corner and recite positive affirmations to yourself. 

All it takes to have a great life is follow these five habits daily. Not only will you be more productive but also happier and more satisfied with life.

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