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Salt Bae Called The Cops On Man Who Refused To Pay For Gold-Covered Steaks He Didn’t Order

Salt Bae, also known as Nusret Gökçe, is famous for a reason: he runs a global chain of expensive steakhouses, he was a famous meme that got 10 million shares, and he has 25 million followers on Instagram.

His restaurants are known for an obscenely overpriced varieties of steak that comes covered in 24 karat gold – a highly marbled Wagyu tomahawk ribeye that costs $2000, and the rack of lamb that is priced at $1000.

When people go to one of his restaurants, it’s really to experience some of the most unique dishes in the world, but also to show it off on Instagram to establish yourself as the elite of the elite in the world mired by late stage capitalism.

This is Salt Bae’s special steak covered in 24-karat gold

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Florida Man went to Salt Bae’s restaurant and ordered a lavish meal, then the disaster happened

salt bae
Image Credit: The NYT

A man from Florida named Duane Miranda visited the Miami branch of Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et steakhouse, and had quite a meal.

He was aware that the dinner was going to be pricey, but just how pricey – he did not anticipate that even in his wildest dreams. He ordered a sea bass entree, burrata, beef tartare appetizer, baklava, and so much more.

He had his five friends with him, and they had a wide variety of food items such as the Copacabana Mule, many different kinds of martinis, scotches and tequila.

All of these items ranged from $25 to $60, and the highest priced was the bottle of Caymus Cabernet which was for $275.

The bill charged him for the Gold-covered steak and lamb he didn’t even order

salt bae gold steak
Image Credit: Nusret

When the bill came, Duane Miranda was shocked to see that he was charged $2000 for the 24 karat gold-coated Wagyu tomahawak ribeye and a rack of lamb that was also supposed to be gold-coated.

Miranda said he hadn’t ordered the gold-plated versions, but the economy versions which cost $275 and $210 respectively.

In his interview to Miami Herald, Miranda said he was “no stranger to four and five-figure checks”, and when he received the gold-plated versions on his table as entrees – he thought it was part of the presentation.

Salt Bae called the cops, after an hour the man paid up

salt bae
Image Credit: Nusret
He was pissed when he understood what had actually happened, he made a ruckus and said that he won’t pay the bill. He demanded that the cost for golden versions be removed from the bill, but Salt Bae actually called the police on him.
After spending an hour with the police, Miranda and his friends finally paid up.

Oh, and he has given them a very critical Yelp review

Image Credit: MemeCenter

Later, on his Yelp review, Miranda went on a ceaseless tirade where he called Salt Bae as a “communist loving piece of crap” and said that the restaurant was trying to take advantage of him. And even though he footed the bill, he “did not pay the service charge.”

Now he has asked American Express to dispute the payment.

He also claimed that on 11 other occasions, Salt Bae has called police on his customers in the last 2 years ever since his restaurant opened.

Bones will be examined to check the traces of gold and uncover the truth

sherlock holmes
Image Credit: Plato’s Acad

He has brought the leftover bones from the steak in a doggy bag, and he said he’ll get a lab analysis done on the bones to check for the 24-karat gold.

“I will make it my mission to expose these pieces of crap for what they are.” He also added on Yelp.



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