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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Son Joins Instagram, Gets 1 Million Followers in 24 Hours

Cristiano Ronaldo is already the most followed person in the history of Instagram with 205 million followers and now his 9-year old son just made a record no one will be able to match any soon.

Cristiano Jr, also known as Cristianho, joined Instagram yesterday and immediately amassed 800,000 followers.

Within 24 hours, he had crossed 1 million followers

Cristiano Jr has made only three posts as of now, first post being a video of him which has about 4 million views.

In the video, he just introduced himself in English: “Hi guys. This is my new Instagram account. I hope you enjoy. Take care.” Then he repeated the same message in three another languages: Spanish, Portegeuse, and Italian.


Then he gave a thumbs up to the camera, and smiled. Ronaldo fans were impressed at the 9-year old Ronaldo Jr being proficient in 4 different languages.

Ronaldo welcomed his son on Instagram

Image Credit: Pinterest

Cristiano Ronaldo himself welcomed his son on Instagram, by commenting a kiss emoji on the post. Ronaldo’s former teammate from Real Madrid, Marcelo, also commented on the post.

Despite having 1.1 million followers till now, Ronaldo Jr is following only 5 people – his father Cristiano Ronaldo, his father’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and three others.

According to Football Talent Scout, Cristiano Jr has scored 58 goals in his 28 games that he has played for under-9.


He posted another photo of his father Ronaldo and three siblings inside a bathtub

Image Credit: Cristiano

And he shared another picture of him with his dad’s girlfriend Georgina at the Milan Fashion Week

Image Credit: Instagram

Ronaldo has three children from an unknown mother, and the youngest child from his girlfriend Georgina. Apparently, the mother of Ronaldo’s three children in unknown to the world, some speculating that she might have been a surrogate and Ronaldo reportedly paid $10 million to cover up her identity.



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