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Quaran-time calls for these couple activities to keep the spark alive

During the time of a pandemic, while most of us are quarantine, homebound or following the ethics of social distancing, it is also a time to rekindle and work upon the relations that really matter. If you are married, living together or recently moved together with your partner/spouse, this stressful time can bring out the best out of your bond and nurture it in a deeper way.
Since you both are spending most of the hours together even while still having different roles/jobs apart during part of the day, it is crucial to keep yourself and the sanity of the relationship healthy with multiple love-tingling activities. These activities will not only give you a getaway from monotony, but also result in building a stronger foundation to your relationship.
From a thorough research, following are the top 5 activities you and your partner should ideally be practicing during quarantine:-


Turning Breakfast Into A Meal
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As much as we concentrate on the essential nutrient building for our bodies, it also is the brain-feeder meal of the day. How you have your breakfast is even more important than what you eat for it. Try to pamper one another by taking turns and cooking something completely out of the box in order to make the other feel special. Take your breakfast to the table, play soft music, pay attention to the table details and don’t forget to keep a warm interaction. Remember, it is only you and your partner who are acting up for even companionship in the absence of a social circle. So, don’t be hesitant in asking how they have their day planned. Be courteous and pick the dishes. Just because you are a few days/months/years in a relationship, does not mean that you stop to treat someone special. Make this a romantic and intimate time. You can even experiment with turning it into a picnic if you have a lawn.

For obvious reasons, play board games
No matter how old you turn, some board games will always turn your nervous system excited with thrill and even sometimes, lead to sensuous moments. If you are the one who is always looking forward to your partner to turn the heat up in exciting ways, you are absolutely wrong! Initiate a monopoly, twister or even a game of chess. Try to know your partner beyond the secrets and bed. There is always so much to explore in a person. This time can indeed be a relaxing and fun time for the both of you. Don’t forget to turn up some of your favourite music and bring out the drinks for that added entertainment.

Tick off your movie bucket list with marathon screenings at home
Look at it like this; weekends feel longer when there are no plans to step out in advance. Unless it is grocery shopping you had on your mind. It is the best time to get involved in a movie marathon with your partner. Some of his movies, some of hers. Keep your bucket of popcorn and coke ready. Throw some blankets and cushions on the couch and get ready to snuggle. The ‘Netflix and Chill’ suggestion, is for real! Make it special, make it a ritualistic thing, not just something you do randomly. Have intention and purpose.

Bring a touch of a vacation and spa home
Wondering how to rejuvenate your relationship without the trial and error method? A therapeutic day can never go wrong to treat your partner with. Get home or order in the kind of products, smells, flowers your partner would like and take over. Lay them over a bed or make them sit at the most comfortable chair in the house. Build an aura by lighting up scented candles, throwing some flower petals in a bowl, playing soft songs and giving them a massage they truly deserve without expecting anything back. Trust that there are many other areas you could pull yourselves towards intimacy with, but let this just be there time. The dipping into a bathtub with your partner is indeed old and ineffective when you are seeing them everyday. After you have truly pampered them with an organic massage, don’t forget to conclude the session with a tea. This can truly make your partners feel you care and will leave them thinking of you even while you are present in the same house as them.

Have a fancy dress dinner and end it with a scavenger hunt
There is nothing sexier and more intimate than watching your man/woman cook a dinner for you in their best attire and condition. We know relationships are meant to be your comfortable corners, however dressing everyday up in pyjamas or messy t-shirts can take away a huge chunk of the spark from a relationship. Remember stepping out for classy dinners and dressing up to impress your partners? While you are at home your partner may miss that attractive side of you. Don’t stop to impress them and initiate a date night. Build an occasion to clean up yourselves, dress up and smell your best. Don’t step back if you feel you want to give them a new outfit for the night too. Once you have enjoyed your time at the candle-light dinner in your living room, ladies don’t forget to bring fire to the night with some sexy lingerie. Do a scavenger hunt with the best of your collection if needed. This turns up the excitement even more, and for what we all know, every man loves a little surprise on the inside always.