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People share 12 Life Hacks that could make things easy for you!

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Life isn’t easy at all times (not emotionally speaking). But there are hacks that we can implement in our daily lives to make routine easier than before. Be it in the house, how we plan our financial situation, how much time we want to save in the kitchen or just in the other tasks we go about during the day. And it’s not like we know everything. We do what we know best, and sometimes steal fabulous ideas from others. Of course, we can return the favor by sharing the hacks that we’ve discovered and helped us.

12 internet users have found a way to deal with daily stuff in smarter and time-saving ways, and they’ve opened their ideas to the world. If you’re also constantly on a lookout for ways to deal with work, life, cooking, and finances more effortlessly than today, then here’s some help.

1. Put your spare bed sheets inside one of the pillowcases for that set. This keeps the set altogether, so you can just grab it when you want to change your sheets, and it also seems to help keep the linens fresh. © CorporateStef / Reddit

How to Keep Matching Sheets Together in the Closet | Martha Stewart
Courtesy: Martha Stewart

2. Take pictures of everything before you move into your new rented apartment and make sure any issues you find are documented and signed by both you and the apartment office. Trust me, they’ll blame any defects on you otherwise. © zerbey / Reddit

3. Do you want to save some time on ironing? Take a long strip of aluminum foil, put it on the top of the ironing board, cover it with a cloth you’re going to iron, and start ironing. The foil will reflect the heat and your clothing item, for example, your pants, will be immediately ironed from both sides. @ Overheard. Lifehacks / vk

4. Buy a lot of food containers. When you cook a meal, don’t cook one portion — make several portions at once. Then put the spare portions in the containers and keep them in the fridge or freeze them. With this hack, you get quick and easy microwaveable meals that you can heat up later. © GrumpyOldDan / Reddit

5. Tea stains in a mug (those brown rings) can be easily cleaned with baking soda. Just put some baking soda into your cup, rub the spots, and then rinse. © doitforsapho / Twitter

Life Hack: the easiest way to remove coffee stains from mugs - Starts at 60

6. Don’t get a pet right away without thinking about it first. If you want to provide them with a comfortable life, you’ll have to constantly pay for it, especially when it comes to treatments. And you can’t leave them for a long time if you have to travel somewhere. @ Maria Gorevaya / Yandex.Kew

7. When you buy things online, leave items in the shopping cart for a while. There is a good chance that the website is tracking your purchase and will lower the price over time to entice you into buying. © Whatmeworry4 / Reddit

8. Ventilate your home more often and make it a habit. Otherwise, you’ll always be a sluggish person with a headache.© smart_grid_ / Twitter

9. I love everything fried but I don’t want my jeans to stop fitting me. So I fry everything until I get a beautiful golden crust but without any oil. I just place parchment paper for baking on the bottom of the pan. Then I fry the products the same way as I usually do, but without any oil. © Overheard. Lifehacks / vk

10. If you’re opening a box with a large and heavy item, like a TV, get it out by opening the bottom, setting it down on some firm surface, and simply lifting up the box. © Ayushi-Patel / Quora

How to Safely Unbox Your Sharp TV – Best Buy - YouTube
Courtesy: YouTube

11. Don’t put old plates with flowers or golden patterns in the microwave. And aluminum and metal objects are also no good for that. Plastic plates can melt (but not all of them, you have to look for a special sign on them when buying) and disposable paper plates can burn. It’s best to use glass tableware. © yourelle_mrr / Twitter

12. When I fill out a questionnaire to get a discount card at some shop, I just put a random date instead of my birthday. And it’s so nice to get notifications throughout the year, that say that this magical day is coming and the shop is willing to give me a discount and additional bonuses. It’s impossible to spend all these bonuses on my real birthday, so they get wasted. @ Overheard. Lifehacks / vk