Strange: Brazilian Man Attaches Tusks In His Mouth To Look Like An Orc

The world is home to strange people and strange events, and just when you think that you cannot see anything weirder – you get surprised.

There is a tattoist in Brazil who has decided to become an Orc from fantasy stories like Lord of the Rings and Warcraft. And he has already become quite an Orc. How is he doing this? Let’s see.

He spent £400 to attach tusks to his lower teeth

Recently, he had tusks fitted in his mouth to complete his look as the fictional monster. But the tusks in his mouth are just for finishing touches, and he has already made several body modifications to look less like a human and more like an Orc.

He has tattooed 80% of his body, and 8 subdermal piercings – meaning piercings under his skin.

Now, this tusk fitting has cost him £400 to fit two fake tusks to the bottom row of his teeth.

And that’s not even the weirdest part, the weirder part is that he actually got his tongue split to make a forked tongue, and he even got his eyeballs tattooed.

What do his friends and family say?

This 41-year-old man even calls himself Orc, and lives in the Brazilian border town of Iguatemi. He got his first tattoo at the age of 15, and he started modifying his body 6 years ago when he was 35.

His family is not so supportive of what he does, and even his friends are not fine with it.

“I was raised in Campo Grande by my parents. My mum doesn’t like it, my dad tolerates it and my friends find it weird.”

But there are people from all over the world who support him.

“They tell me good things that motivate me to continue. Bad people exist everywhere and are always around… but they don’t shake me.”

But he has only one motto: Do whatever you want. Life goes by fast and death is certain.

He just says that he is only doing what makes him happy.

“I am trying to be myself, these are just my ideas, my inspirations coming from the heart. I am not inspired by anyone.”

And he insists that he’ll continue his Orc transformation:

“Live, be happy, travel, love. Do whatever you want. Life goes by fast and death is certain.”


Featured Image Courtesy: Newrest