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Official Meet Over A Virtual Call? Fret Not! Recreate These 5 WFH Looks From Your Wardrobe Staples

As we continue to pledge on social-distancing and play by the rules of working from home, our wardrobe has taken a turnover. Replacing the take-out coffee and subways with cozy home desks and comfortable seating; it has been a large case of trial and error.
The biggest challenge to a ‘Work from home’ wardrobe is to bring an intermittent balance between polished and laidback. You would want to blend and throw over an outfit that lets you be flexible, as well as looks fresh and clean for those spontaneous live video calls.
This also helps you stay more focussed and active.

Here are some of the wardrobe staples you can pair up together for a stylish WFH look.

The start of the week calls upon uplifting the languid times and bringing them to the table with something chic and pleasant. Unveil your stack of jeans that have been pushed out to the back of your trunk, and pair up the widest pair of jeans with a boxy top. Turn the look more so peppy with a pastel colored headband and light-weight fuss-free loops. Wide leg pants are usually easy breathable, more stretchy and comfortable on the skin. So you can be untroubled about relaxing on the couch too!

Every woman has a casual jumpsuit in their wardrobe. This makes for the perfect scheduled call. A single fuss-free piece that not only leaves you comfortable but is also extremely stylish without crossing the boundary of keeping it next-door. Let your hair loose with a cotton jumpsuit and balance it with a simple pendant. The no motivation day automatically turns into a day making you feel an instant feeling of conquering your daily grind.

Mid-week calls for deploying last night’s basic t-shirt into a fashionable pull-off. Turn your nightwear t-shirt and shorts into a 3 piece cool and breezy summer outfit. Just pull over a monotone shrug and some chunky jewellery. Voila! You have a whole new outfit together. Make sure to brush your hair and apply some natural makeup for a clean look. We would not want your colleagues to know what did you sleep in last night!

Heading closer to the weekend calls for celebrating pants-off and fresh t-shirt/shirt dress in. A soft t-shirt dress will quickly become your favorite piece to throw on. Just roomy enough to feel comfortable, but cute enough to rock with your summer sandals or white sneakers. Feel free to play with styling your hair into a ponytail. We suggest keep the accessories minimal to give yourself a more athletic look.

No option is still an option. If you are even a tad bit into working out, we are sure you will be holding a pair of jogger pants in your wardrobe. Pair em’ with a basic black or peachy spaghetti/tank top and you are good to go! Jogger pants have elastic waist bands so there is plenty of space there. Wear those cutest dangling earrings for a more refined look for that brainstorming session.