VIDEO: Mass Graves Being Dug In New York For Coronavirus Deaths

A drone video has surfaced out of New York where mass graves are being dug to make space for people dying of Coronavirus.

As densely populated as New York is, the city has a shortage of morgue space and now the government is using prisoners to dig up the graves on Hart Island where this video was captured.

New York state has more cases than any country in the world

Image Credit: John Hopkins University

Coronavirus pandemic has taken the worst toll ever on the USA as the state of New York alone has more cases than any other country in the world.

New York now has 161,504 cases while Spain and Italy are at 153,222 and 143,626 cases respectively.

New York’s death toll is at 7,067 which more than double of the entire death count in China. In fact, American scientists have predicted at least 2.2 million deaths if the situation got out of hand. At the best-case scenario, the USA is still looking at 100,000 deaths – according to Dr Anthony Fauci.

Video shows prisoners are being made to dig the graves

The video was captured at a one-mile strip near Bronx. The bodies buried here are mostly the bodies which go unclaimed by any family or loved one. Authorities are burying the bodies by taking them from the families who can’t afford a funeral.

Video shows the labouring prisoners using a ladder to get into the pit where all the coffins are being stacked.

People are dying faster than the graves can be dug for them. Not only the American government is putting Hazmat suits on the prisoners and making them dig up the graves, this is not only putting them at an unwarranted lethal risk, but the site on Hart Island can only accommodate 24 graves a day while 800 people have died in the New York just within last 24 hours.

Here’s a close-up video of the graves

Hart Island has been used for 150 years as a mass burial site for bodies which go unclaimed or belong to families who cannot afford to pay for a funeral.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, this gravesite was used for burial only once a week – but as death numbers have shot up recently, now the burials take place five days a week on this same piece of land.

Most of this work is done by prisoners from Rikers Island, which is the main jail complex of New York.

New Yorkers are comparing this to the 9/11 attacks

Image Credit: BBC

New Yorkers have compared this pandemic to the 9/11 attacks, and called the virus “a silent explosion.” While New York has as many deaths as the entirety of UK – USA tops the list with the number of infections (468,895) that is three times more than the second-ranking country which is Spain (153,222).

China’s death toll and infection count have stopped now, while Western countries are fighting a battle against this deadly virus with no end in sight. Was this China’s plan all along?



Featured Image Courtesy: BBC