Read This Before Checking Laptop Reviews In 2019

If you’ve chosen a few laptops and want to make a good decision, this is for you. Most buyers move from shortlisting laptops to checking reviews prior purchase. This is a very important aspect of buying a laptop in 2019.

Because a laptop is a long term commitment and a one-time purchase, such deals are best made when coupled with reliable laptop review sources. The structure sounds simple. However, given thousands of such reviews on the endless internet, it can get tiresome somewhere.

Don’t fret, we got this covered. Here is a list of things you must consider before checking online reviews. Newbie or not to computer tech, these guidelines will help you make the best-informed laptop choice.

Using Laptop reviews 101

Knowing how to use laptop reviews for purchase is pivotal. If you’re checking out multiple reviews not knowing this, you may just end up confused and misdirected. In a world of aggressive marketing, choosing the best laptop can be deceptive. To avoid this, just follow these two parameters.

1. Knowing what you want in a laptop

The best way to choose a good laptop is by knowing what you want the electro beast to deliver. Do you want a high-speed processor? Large internal memory? Whatever it is that you need, knowing this helps in shortlisting products from online laptop reviews.

Specs to look out for:

  • Laptop weight
  • Laptop size
  • Display quality-(SD, HD or Ultra HD)
  • Processor speed
  • Processor brand
  • Internal memory space
  • The types and number of Laptop ports desired
  • Battery life
  • Graphics Card specifications
  • Warranty
  • Post-purchase service
2. Choosing reliable sources

Best reliable sources for Laptop reviews 2019:




Laptop Mag

Amazon verified customer reviews:
These are unbiased reviews from real-time consumers. If you want an honest opinion on the laptop you like, head over to the product review section on Amazon. Only take reviews from verified customers into consideration.


Quick note: While filtering through these kinds of reviews, make sure to go through the negative ones too. Sometimes, customers rate the product negatively for an issue with delivery or handling. These kind of negative feedbacks are not product oriented. Be sure to omit these when making a choice.

Independent YouTube reviews:

YouTube has a host of independent bloggers who review laptops. You can have a first-hand experience of unboxing and testing the product. Try following reputed youtube reviewers.

Performance comparison videos:

If you’ve got two or more lappies to choose from, this is the best option for you. You can check out some reviews comparing the devices. They’re available for free on Youtube.

Quick note:

Sponsored reviews– These video reviews are generally sponsored by laptop brands. Make sure to choose an unbiased source while looking for one.
Unsponsored reviews- These are independent reviews posted by real-time users. With an unbiased reliable source like this, it’s normal to accept everything being told. Keep in mind that the personal opinions of the reviewer are not what you must bank on. Rather, use the information to check if the product is good as per your expectations. A smart choice is always a balance of quality, calculation, and comparison.

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