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7 Interesting Plant Facts

We all know how important plants are for the planet and all living species. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen from their leaves, which humans and other animals need to breathe. So, they do make our world livable and a beautiful place to live in. And they nurture and nourish us without asking for anything in return. Even uplift our mood, and the ambiance of a place instantly. But we don’t really pause for a while and admire them beyond their evergreen beauty and the core usage. This is what made us jot down some amazing facts about plants that will make you feel more connected to your natural buddies.

1) 80% of the Earth’s original forests have been cleared or destroyed.

Image Source: WWF

2) The Earth has more than 80k species of edible plants.

Image Source: Pinterest

3) 90% of human food comes from just 30 plants.

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4) 70,000 plant species are utilized for making drugs.


Image Source: Pinterest

5) Only 1% of rainforest plants have been studied for medical potential.

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6) Just 10% of the world’s plant-rich areas are protected.

Image Source: News.mongabay

7) 68% of plants are in danger of going extinct.

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