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Instagram Worthy Picnic In Your Backyard, Here Is How You Can Do It!

When spring and fall comes around, the city turns into a beautiful picnic-escape. Just rightly sunny and lightly cool, the weather is a treat for relishing delicious food and drinks outdoors.

Not only this, the light, nature and the colors in itself become as appealing for your IG feed. If you were to amp the already breath-takingly nature during this time, here is a way you can celebrate a picture-perfect picnic for Instagram!

1. Setting The Scene

The first and the foremost thing to do is setting up a scene by picking the right picnic location. Don’t go with the mainstream ideas of a park trees and lots of people in the background. In fact, make it just the opposite! The most important tip while picking up your location is trying to fix a spot which just has nature in the background with zero human figures. Try looking for a spot next to a lake, grass land, an old tree or the sea. The whole idea is to get as much as beauty of the nature from what’s behind you in the photographs. People love to see such scenic pictures.

Tip: You don’t want to drive too far or your food can get cold (or warm depending on what you bring)!


2. The Meal

Try packing food items that are colorful, easy to transport and not too messy. The fresher and more raw your food looks, the better the pictures. Keep your saucy fancies for after the photo session. Opt for the Charcuterie board items (cheese, grapes, and crackers), a loaf of French bread, some fruits (strawberries, watermelon, or any kind of citrus), to-go meals from the grocery store (Dips and chips). Don’t sacrifice on the crockery just because it is outdoors! And for a classy touch, bring along a bottle of wine (and some juice to pour into your glasses).

Food is just a small aspect of the entire theme. The entire set up is completely reliant on the color scheme. Follow a 3-4 colored scheme and balance it out well. You can see in the photo that the woman chose greens, whites, and tans with pops of red. Now imagine if the flowers here were bright purple. That wouldn’t really go with the overall look. Or picture her wearing a blue dress. The picture instantly would becomes busier and would draw the attention away from the nature and setup.

3. The Overall Vibe

A romantic theme can never go wrong! For a romantic vibe, choose baby’s breath flowers, a simple white picnic blanket, a large straw hat, and wear something white and lacey. In case you want to go for a fun theme, then choose a bright picnic sheet, as well as yellow food props and flowers (You can perhaps use more of yellow fruits and vegetables like lemon, musk melon and corn).


4. The Non-Food Props

You’ll need a few props to make your picnic more aesthetically pleasing than just food on plates on a blanket. Here are some of the items you should need for a snap-worthy picnic:

  • Flowers and a small pot: For a romantic touch
  • A picnic sheet- Make sure to opt for outdoor table cloths
  • A Tray- For an artsy collection of all freshly chopped food items
  • A picnic basket- Always, Always! Go for a crane and bamboo picnic basket no matter what the theme.
  • Cloth Napkins- Always suggestive to not add paper napkins or plates for an IG-worthy image. Only get some similar colored napkins from home. Also, more environment-friendly!
  • White dishes- This color can never go wrong!
  • Wine glasses and bottle- Even if you don’t plan on drinking, do carry wine glasses and a bottle for that added bohemian-romantic touch.


5. Setting Up The Camera

Last, but not the least is setting up the camera. This is probably the most important step you need to be well planned for. Don’t forget to carry a camera stand in the excitement of preparing the props and food. Make sure the camera stand (Whether for phone or for DSLR) is sturdy and easy to use. You will also need the right sun-light angle. Make sure to not be against the rays.