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Important things to carry to save you in an emergency!

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Emergency is called so because we don’t anticipate them. We never know what could happen when. But what we can do is stay prepared to save and protect ourselves even in the most difficult situations. These tips will throw light on some things we should carry with us if we’re on your own. Whether it is stray dogs or a thief, you’ll know just what to do during these scenarios if you carry these things in your purse or bag. If you’re taking a long walk or are travelling, these are some tips to protect yourself during emergencies.

Here’s what you carry with you to stay safe.

1. Carry a fake wallet that you can throw at approaching thieves as a distraction. By the time they pick it up and check it, you would have run away.

Deceive a Mugger with a DIY Decoy Wallet - ITS Tactical
Courtesy: ITS Tactical

2. Did you know you can open the back of a hairbrush to keep valuables like money. Nobody will rob it from you and you will have some extra cash saved in there.

How to clean your hairbrush - Reviewed
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3. Always have some Ziplock bags on you whenever you are out. A rainy day or when enjoying a watersport, these bags will protect the important things you have on you, especially, your phone.

Plastic Bag as Waterproof Phone Case | POPSUGAR Tech
Courtesy: Popsugar

4. Go eco-friendly and stop using a lot of plastic bottles. Keep a reusable bottle on you so you can carry water with you wherever you go.

Why is it Important to Always Have a Water Bottle with You? | Vaya
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5. A little salt in your pockets or in your bag/purse will be very helpful in an emergency situation. It is very helpful to throw on a stray animal that follows you. It slows them down.

3 Ways to Fight off a Dog - wikiHow
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6. It helps to wear a wrist watch or a smart watch in multiple ways. For example, you can lower your wrist watch till your knuckles in case anyone attacks you. A smart watch also helps a doctor or any helper check on you in case you fall sick in an unknown or strange place.

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