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If FRIENDS Was Released in 2019: The One Where Joey Voted For Trump & Other Episodes

It’s been 25 years since FRIENDS aired for the first time in 1994, and has been loved ever since – by multiple generations, all over the world. There is no doubt that the show is timeless and would be relevant even now, even though we wonder what would the episode titles be like if FRIENDS were to be released in 2019.

Seth Meyers on the Late Show had some ideas, and frankly, they are all hilarious (except one, and we’ll get to that!)

Here’s how Friends episodes will be titled if they were released in 2019:

#1. The One Where Everyone Finds Out Joey Voted For Trump

Image Credit: Gfycat

That does sound like something Trump would say. Although Joey and Trump are not so different after all – except that Joey is sweet, caring, genuine, honest, innocent, and he cares about people. Oh well, I was wrong. Only similarity between them is that both would use words like “wisdomous.” So why would Joey vote for Trump? We’ll have to watch to show to figure out. I can’t give spoilers here.

#2. The One Where Everyone Finds Out Phoebe is Unvaccinated

Image Credit: Tenor

Why is this not surprising? Phoebe has claimed earlier she didn’t believe in evolution, and believed that her mother was reincarnated as a cat. Well, if her mother was anything like her, be sure that she didn’t want “poison” and “chemicals” inside the body of little Phoebe. This will really grind Ross’s gears. Oof!

#3. The One Where Chandler Bing Changes His Name to Chandler Google

Image Credit: Odyssey

He was Toby, he was Sir-Limps-a-Lot and he tried to name himself Clint… but guess Chandler Bing finally figured out why he was single, lonely, and unwanted all these years: nobody likes Bing and people are always trying to hop on to Google.

#4. The One Where Phoebe Accidentally Qualifies for the Democratic Debates

Image Credit: Gifer

Don’t we all know a stable genius who accidentally became the President? Phoebe Buffay could defeat him with her street smart wit, and quirky remarks – and orange turnip would have no answer at all. And everything she wants is quite reasonable – world peace, and bigger boobs. Who’d say no to that?

#5. The One Where Ross Grows A Man Bun

Image Credit: Gfycat

It’s not even surprising, given all the questionable fashion choices Ross made in his life – the ultra-tight leather pants, that hideous cap, that tank top at spring break party. In 2019, Ross would quite fall head over heels into this ridiculous trend. Afterwards, either Joey would shave his head, or he would be divorced for the 4th time.

#6. The One Where Marcel the Monkey Gets #MeToo-ed

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Why tho? Another one in the series of jokes by men that imply women would accuse just about anyone, indicating that the whole #MeToo movement is bizarre. Oh, Seth Meyers! If only you listened to the women and tried to understand things from their perspective.

#8. The One with the Blackout Where They All Stay In and Try Fentanyl

Image Credit: The Knot

They wouldn’t, would they? They were such a well-behaved bunch, so where did the bad apple come from? Only explanation is that Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Recreations travelling all the way from Pawnee to New York, befriending Joey and then… Outlandish theory, but it’s the only one that’s plausible.

#8. The One Where Ross “Accidentally” Tweets A D**k Pic

Image Credit: Heart

Remember the time when he faked his death and organized his own memorial service? He was a total attention seeker and imagine what he would do in the age of social media. The drama king of the Friends would totally tweet a dick pic, and then claim it was “accidental.”

#9. The One Where They Have to Pay An Appropriate Amount of Rent for Their Apartment

Image Credit: Pinterest

Fans have always wondered, how was Monica was able to afford such a lush and spacious apartment despite the fact that she and Rachel were often unemployed or did odd jobs in earlier seasons? There was an explanation that Monica inherited the apartment on a low-rent lease from her grandmother, so she had to pay only $200 a month. Did you know that in 2019, it would cost $8000 a month to stay in that apartment? And if you were to buy it, be ready to shell out $2 million!

Anyway, here’s the video of Seth Meyers who titled the episodes on the Late Show:




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