How To Respond To A Phone Interview Request

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Searching for a job can taxing and frustrating as you begin to lose patience. You have to send out resumes with a cover letter so awesome  that it stands out of all the other emails recruiter has received. Why it has to be awesome and sound professional is because frankly, this will be your first introduction to the hiring organization. So, it has to be A plus.

If you have received a revert from the HR to one of your emails, then congratulations, you have already made past through the first level. If you want to make ahead to the subsequent levels of getting that job, you have got to nail the next step right, i.e. responding to an interview request

How To Respond To A Job Interview

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As soon as you receive a revert from one of the organizations, reply to them with acknowledgment and acceptance of the invitation. Don’t make them wait for too long. It is rude. Send an email thanking them to give you this opportunity along with some follow-up questions.

Here are a few examples:

  • Thank you for your invitation for an interview. Yes, I will be available on day, date, month at time (AM/PM)
  • Thank you for this opportunity. I am looking forward to meeting with (Hr manager) on Date/ Day and Time for the (Position).

How To Respond To Phone Interview Request

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If you are not available for the requested time because of indispensable reasons, you can request a phone interview. In that case, if HR is understanding, they will set up a call with the hiring manager. It is also possible that they may ask you to appear for a telephonic round before they decide to meet face to face with you.

In that case, tell them how much you appreciate meeting with them, however, you will have to reschedule the interview and you are happy to be available for a phone call. You can suggest them some alternative dates or time for the call. Make it easy for HR as you are the one looking for a job.

In case, you get a call from a headhunter or HR where you have sent your resume, you have got to nail it as perfectly as the email. It is very important the way you deal on the phone because it will be your first interaction with them.

Consider the tone of your voice and be polite and respectable. Pick up the phone at a place where there is no background noise. Thank them for calling you and scheduling an interview with them. You can even use the name of the recruiting manager to sound more professional.

If you think, you can’t take the call at that moment, still, pick up the phone and request them to have you call back or reschedule it while stating the reason why you cannot talk right now.



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