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How To Grow A Thick Beard Naturally – The Only Guide You Need!

While growing out a beard as long as a woman’s hair may not be a problem for ancient Chinese masters, today’s man feels otherwise. Let’s face it, growing out a thick, strong beard may not be every man’s cup of tea.


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While growing beards is no easy task for quite a few, the significance of having a beard is huge for men. Call it how men are wired or just plain human tendency, beards are a matter of pride for our men. In fact, to understand this, we can look into science, having a strong healthy beard is actually a sign of high testosterone. And back in the day, only in the dude with the highest amount of testosterone would be able to score the good women. Evolutionarily speaking, having a good beard is equal to having the security of procreation or something on similar lines.

The beard growth crisis

While you may or may not have these beard growth issues, quite a few people face problems with growing out a beard. The beard hair may be too thin, or you may have bald spots in your beard which look mighty embarrassing. Some people have so much trouble with growing out beards, they can’t grow beards some of them. This is mostly due to low testosterone or plain unlucky genetics.


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Luckily, you can aid yourself in the process of getting a strong beard. There are naturally existing and scientifically proven oils for beard growth that you can try today. You can either buy a curated market formula or formulate your own beard oil using this ingredient. Basically, all beard oils come as an amalgamation of these natural beard growth oils.

Beard growth oil ingredients generally consist of the following:

1. Almond Oil
2. Argan Oil
3. Pumpkin Seed Oil
4. Avocado Oil
5. Jojoba Oil
6. Peppermint Oil
7. Rosemary Oil & Teat Tree Oil


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Almond Oil: Rich in magnesium and necessary fatty acids that help stimulate hair growth.

Argan Oil:
This is anti-inflammatory and has natural phenols which are magic when it comes to hair growth.

Pumpkin Seed Oil:
Now this is a natural DHT blocker with anti-hair fall properties. DHT is a chemical that causes male pattern baldness.

Jojoba Oil:
Actually helps unclog hair follicles, moisturizer and heals the kin.

Avocado Oil:
Rich in essential nutrients that help hair grow strong black and healthy.

Rosemary Oil and Tea Tree Oil:
Both these essential oils are amazing for hair growth, they have antifungal properties and help the hair develop strong roots.

Castor Oil:
Age old remedy for thin and weak hair, helps stimualte hair growth.

Beard growth oils and how to use them?

When looking for products to make your beard grow, you can try a mixture of these natural oils.

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Cator oil is something I would personally recommend , as it is simply amazing for hair growth. Castor Oil for Beard growth is a great choice. You can also make your own beard growth oil concoctions using two or three oils from this list for all round beard growth

You can also try out these awesome beard growth oils:

1. The Gentleman’s beard oil
2. Gentleman’s Beard
3. ArtNatural’s Beard Oil
4. Wood Scent Premium Beard Oil for men
5. Badass Beard Oil



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