4 Ways To Tell If You Have Relationship Anxiety & How To Deal With It

Love is amazing but it also makes you suffer. Everything is fine when you get butterflies in your stomach every time your partner smiles at you. When things become to seem good to be true, it is when the anxiety begins to creep in. That’s the thing about relationship anxiety. It creeps in from the slightest crack of doubt you show in your relationship. You become needy and emotionally dependent. If these feelings are not kept in check, they can dismantle the peace in your relationship. 

It is almost natural to have relationship anxiety and we have our brain to blame. Our minds have been programmed to form a connection with the people we love that even the thought of them leaving us breaks our heart. This is called the ‘Attachment Theory’. 

How To Deal With Relationship Anxiety?

If you show any of these symptoms or all, you suffer from relationship anxiety. Here is how to deal with anxieties and relationship.

1. Overanalyzing


When you become skeptical and critical about each and every thing in your relationship, that is when you are suffering from relationship anxiety. You start creating scenarios in your mind that do you no good but only drive you mad. 

How to deal with it: Stop being so delusional. Learn to have control over your negative thoughts that are disrupting the bond between you and your partner. Show trust in your partner, most importantly in your relationship.

2. Fear of Commitment


Some people may take a few days to commit to a serious relationship, some may take months. But if your answer is never, then you are suffering from relationship anxiety. It could be borne from failed or bad relationships in the past. You are still under trauma and doing everything in your capacity to not repeat history which includes running away from commitment.

How to deal with it: You need to understand that these things are not in your control. Learn to go with the flow. If you never take chances, you will never find love.

3. Clinginess


Being too attached to your partner is also a sign of relationship anxiety. It means you are way too emotionally dependent on them. You become needy and ill-tempered. You are fearful that even the slightest of things can snowball into a breakup. 

How to deal with it: The only way to deal with this is to take things down a notch. Showing and wanting affection is good but not all the time. Also, it makes gestures less special.

4. Bad Temper


Yes, bad temper is also one of the signs of relationship anxiety. When you get irritated and fumed on small things like your partner showing up even slightly late on your date, it puts your relationship in jeopardy. Your anger is the resultant of your dark thoughts. No matter how much affection your partner show you, you end up hurting your partner and yourself.

How to deal with it: If you easily get angry at unreasonable triggers, you need professional help. Your partner deserves love and should not take the brunt of your anger. Lovers will leave you one after another until you fix your problem.


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