How And Where To Buy The Best Smartwatch In 2019

Looking for some guidance with buying a smartwatch? Look no further, we’ve compiled a list of the best smartwatches for 2019. This is surely going to help you make a smart choice about buying  smartwatch. Before we dig into the list, let’s get a few mind blocks out of the way.


Things to consider

There are basically four things you must consider before investing in a smartwatch. To be honest, these four parameters apply to anything you think of buying. Satisfaction with a purchase only comes when you make a calculated and smart choice.

#1 Why do you want to buy a smartwatch?
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This sounds simple but is mostly ignored. Asking yourself this question helps you choose what’s right for you. You can make a good decision only when you know what you want.

#2 What do you need the smartwatch to do?
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Be it sports gear or status quo, knowing what you want from your smartwatch will help you narrow down on the myriad choices available. Smartwatches are basically tiny smartphones that can be worn on your wrist. They keep you updates on the weather, notifications, calls and even monitor your heart rate and calorie burn!

#3 What’s your lifestyle?
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Are you and adrenaline junkie, business person, traveler or model? Whatever your lifestyle is, make sure to take that into account while buying a smartwatch.

#4 What’s your budget

Smartwatches range anywhere between USD 100 to 600. Knowing your budget will help greatly in choosing the one that fits you best.

Let’s now take a look at the world’s top smartwatch picks for March 2019. 


1. Apple Watch Series 4

Price: USD 399

  • FDA cleared ECG monitor
  • Fall detection mode to contact emergency services through Siri
  • Built-in GPS
  • Swim-proof Design
  • New 40mm and 44mm design
  • Receive and make calls, texts, clearer audio for Siri.
    You can buy this here
2. Fitbit Versa
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Price: USD 180

  • Fitness and Sports Tracking
  • Fitbit OS 2.0 new UI
  • 5 days of battery life
  • Makes and receives calls and texts
    You can buy this here
3. The Samsung Galaxy Watch

Price: USD 300
Features :

  • Compatible with Android and ios
  • Samsung Tizen OS 4.0
  • Spotify app with offline playback
  • 42mm and 46mm models
  • Waterproof
  • 2-3 days battery life
    You can buy this here
4. Ticwatch E2

Price: USD 160

  • Wear OS sports apps
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Calorie counter
  • 46mm model
    You can buy this here
5. Montblanc Summit 2
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Price: USD 995

  • Top notch 1.2-inch, 390 x 390 resolution touchscreen
  • Built-in GPS
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Fully waterproof design
  • Google Wear OS
  • 24 hours plus battery life
    You can buy this here
6. Fossil Q Venture HR

Price: USD 250

  • Slimmer form factor
  • GPS monitor
  • Stylish display
  • Wearable underwater up to 50 meters
  • Refreshed Wear OS
  • Heart rate monitor
    You can buy this here
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There are several other notable mentions to this list too. In the end, choose a smartwatch that matches your lifestyle and your desire. This way you’ll never go wrong with buying the right one for you.



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